Anyone know of a free website to share photos like this?

What I’d like is a similar to a message board, I guess.
Or like a “guest book” where pictures can be posted.

I want a way where kids from anywhere can post artwork to a site, without my having to do it for them, but still give me sole editing, erasing control.

Yahoo and a few others will give you free space for many people to share a space to post pictures, but the permissions options are wrong for me.

You seem to be able to give people read-only or read&write.

What I would need is for people to be able to add photos but not erase those others put up.

Anyone have this kind of setup?

Try this site:

It can be sluggish, but is pretty neat overall.


Or try

You have to invite members to your group, but they don’t have to be AOL users. It also has some neat features like group email, chat, etc. Anyone in the group can post pics for the group to see.

There’s a million and one – and spring to mind immediately. Excite run their own clubs section, and there’s also a lot of free file-hosting sites like JustOn and iDrive.

Check out and you’ll find it will do something like that. Anyone can send a photo in, using your user ID (password not needed). The photos go into an “Album” called Incoming (accessible only by you, with password), which you can then move to the appropriate public album. Also, it has a great deal of info on the site about photography, etc.
will actually develop your photos for free. And you can get more free photos in the future. Check it out.

If you have web space with that allows you to run custom CGI, you can probably find a script that will do pretty much what you want it to do. I could write a script in PERL that would do exactly what you want it to do, but that would cost you.

Also msn has free community web sites where you can post pictures, chat, have message boards and the like.