Anyone know what is supposedly up with John Travolta?

I have been out of town for the past week, and literally didn’t watch ANY news, read ANY papers or go online at all for 8 days (It’s actually a great feeling if you can get away with it, you might be surprised…) but when I flew home, I was doing laundry and some household stuff with the TV on in the background, and I half-heard a story (probably on something like Inside Edition) that seemed to say that John Travolta had come out of the closet or had been outed in some way.

I can honestly say that I have never actually seen a John Travolta movie (I am 42) but I do remember him from both Welcome Back Kotter and Saturday Night Fever (even though I never saw it) and know from here on SDMB that he is a Scientologist and has long been rumored to be “secretly” gay. I also know that he is married to a woman and they had a kid die recently in some tragic manner, but don’t recall the details.

Can anyone shed any light on what has recently happened with him?

(and NO, I don’t want to Google it. If you don’t want to waste your time filling me in that is just fine, but I am looking for info from Dopers, not random websites. Thanks)

A masseur claims that John Travolta sexually harassed him, but there is mounting evidence that JT wasn’t even in town when the supposed harassment happened. So, more lack of proof that JT is gay:

“Mounting evidence” - hee. :smiley:


you’ve never seen Pulp Fiction

No, not a big fan of violence, but I am trying to remember if there is actually a Travolta movie I may have watched at some point, as it seems there might be something I am forgetting.
Anyways, apparently the evidence that JT is actually gay is less than overwhelming, but be that as it may, even an idiot like myself who knows very little about him has heard (at least here on the Dope) those rumors; Wonder why that is…

The cynic in me is wondering if Travolta quietly ran afoul of the Church of Scientology in some way, and it is now attempting to ruin his career according to their “fair game” practices.

It wasn’t all that recent. His son Jett died three years ago. He had a medical condition that caused him to have seizures. He had a seizure while he was in the bathroom and fell and struck his head, which caused a fatal injury.

There was a subsequent controversy when two people allegedly attempted to blackmail Travolta with a claim that he had not allowed proper medical care to be given to his son. While the people were acquitted of criminal charges it was shown that the allegation was false.

Jett was also autistic, aside from the seizure disorder, and Scientology doesn’t recognize autism as an actual medical issue. Just those pesky Thetans again. They also don’t recognize homosexuality as legitimate, you just have to fake it till you make it and overrule the Thetans. JT’s big in the CofS so to hide his activities he would have a motive to fake a flight plan for a plane he alone was flying.
Gawker has a good breakdown on today’s front page about the various ways JT appears to have pursued homosexual activities. I think he’s at least bi-sexual but on the downside, I think he’s a liar.

Not even Grease? I don’t know how anyone could avoid seeing that movie at some point over the last 30+ years.

I’ve never seen it.

Fibber. Mendacity Q. Lyerguy.

You are calling somebody a liar for saying they have not seen Grease? Wow.

It was intended as a teasing taunt of disbelief, really. I thought the Q conveyed that.

Yes now that I think about it, I did indeed see Grease when I was 8 or 9, back when it was in the theaters; My older sisters took me to go see it, and I recall even at that tender age enjoying Ms. Newton-John’s considerable acting talents…:wink:

It seems like I must have seen another J.T. movie as an adult, I am kind of remembering him in a villain role, maybe a mad bomber or something?

“Broken Arrow” with Christian Slater?

Not the one you’re thinking of but “Get Shorty” was a pretty good flick as I recall.

I don’t remember if he was a bomber, but he also played an over the top villain in Face/Off (the face swapping movie costaring Nic Cage as the other face swapee).

He also played the villain - a “mad bomber” - in Swordfish, which also starred Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry’s tits.

Haven’t seen any of these, unless it was on a flight or something where I was half-asleep…
(and that being said, I remember hearing the big buzz about Swordfish and Halle Berry, but I guess I am the only heterosexual man alive who doesn’t find her attractive in the least, though apparently the woman John Travolta is married to in real life is quite the stunner, going by some of the links people have posted about them above. If he isn’t satisfied with her, maybe he really is looking to “switch teams”)

I, too, have never seen it. I haven’t actively avoided it, and I know the music from it, but I’ve never actually seen the movie, except perhaps in little slices. I don’t think this is that unusual. Everybody’s got a big gaping hole in their pop culture. I didn’t see the original Star Wars trilogy until I was 23, and I was born in 1975. It wasn’t by design–just hadn’t gotten around to it.