Anyone know what's wrong with Blogger?

They seem to have been down all day. Since my dog is about to have puppies*, I was going to post some pictures, but it looks like that’s on indefinite hiatus. Anyone know what the deal is? Other Google services seem to work fine.

After almost two years on blogger, I think this may spur me to get my own site going.
*Remember Zasu, the stray dog my wife saved? Well, we found her a home, but it turned out she had heartworms. So we got her treated for heartworms, which requires her to remain calm for about six weeks; since the home she’s going to has two small children, it was decided that the dog should stay with us until she’s better.

Shortly after this decision, we realized she was knocked up. Now (as in “at this very minute”) she’s in labor. This has so far proven to be one high-maintenance pet.

Sorry. Here’s a link:

It’s working fine for me.

Puppy updates! I demand it!

We got puppies. She stayed up all night in labor, and at about 9:45, after much screaming, out popped the first one. (Note: Some of the attendant happenings were WAY too disgusting for me to describe here, is all I’m saying. shudder)

About 20 minutes later, we got the second one with almost no fuss at all, although the placenta was about 20 minutes behind the actual puppy. (shudder) Mom and puppies are fine; we’re pretty sure she’s done after only those two.

Anyway, it now looks like Blogger is working when I view it in IE, but not in Firefox, suggesting that this is something on my end. Sigh.

I was having problems with Blogger yesterday of the Network Error variety. I lost a few posts that way. I use Firefox exclusively. I finally got it working. Apparently yesterday they implemented some new performance things. If you still have problems with Blogger today, you’re supposed to clear your cookies.