Anyone playing Planet Zoo?

Planet Zoo just released yesterday. Anyone else playing this game? I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun with a game (ok, that’s not true, Witcher 3 for sure. But that’s a very different kind of fun…)

If you’ve played Planet Coaster, the building mechanics are just like that. Management is a lot more in depth this time around, so that’s nice if you’re into that. If not, there’s still Sandbox Mode XD

It shipped with I believe 76 animals? Way, way more than any other zoo game on release. I think ZT2 shipped with 30 animals and each DLC had 15-20 – so already we have close to the variety we had at the end of ZT2’s life cycle.

Huge Planet Coaster fan here. Am interested in Planet Zoo but will probably wait until it’s on sale, like next Xmas.

I picked it up the last time it was on sale but haven’t tried it yet.

I have Planet Coaster but not Planet Zoo yet. I like Planet Coaster. I like how forgiving this games mechanics are in helping set up fences, paths, etc.

If you like them, check out Let’s Game It Out on YouTube. He has done three or four Planet Zoo episodes that are hysterical! Basically, he plays sim games badly. Hilarious!

(Can’t get to the link at work.)

I’m watching one now; it makes me want to play in the sandbox.