Anyone playing Zen Koi?

Because if you are, perhaps you can help me understand what it is I’m so drawn to…

PC? Web? Android? iOS?

iOS, I don’t know if there are other formats.

You make pretty Koi eat fish and breed and level up to become dragons.

That does sound compelling to me. I see there’s an Android version, so I’ll check that out. Thanks!

Is there anything after making a few dragons? The game is cute but I don’t think I will doing the same thing just to get all the different types of koi.

Not so far, and i feel the same. I mentioned on their Facebook page that dragons should be able grow and breed…and instead of gulping other fish they should flame-broil 'em.

I also suggested that there should be the possibility of a “recessive gene” showing up, giving you a completely unexpected feature set. Because once you’ve played for awhile you know immediately what offspring are possible. A little mystery would up the amusement value.

It’s very well-executed, but there’s lots of room for expansion and improvement, especially if they really want to sell those pricey pearl packs.