Anyone remember Hobo Kelly?

Of course I remember Hobo Kelly but then again I grew up in LA and was born in the early 60s. This isn’t going to be much of a thread I don’t think.

Didn’t she have an enemy who was trying to throw a pie in her face. His plan was to get everyone in the world but she was first on the list. And she would always crash her car.

Yeah, I watched it. Born in ’61, lived in L.A. my entire childhood. Watched Bozo, Winky Dink, and Sheriff John. Sheriff John was the one who read the names of kids whose birthday had occurred that week. Or maybe he was on very weekday—I don’t remember. Anyway, my mom sent my name in and he read it on on the air. Didn’t even fuck up my Armenian last name. What a trooper.

Ditto. Born in the 60’s. Grew up in L.A.

@Washoe: I watched all of those shows you mentioned, as well as Wonderama with Bob McAlister (sp?)…Ahh memories…

Another California kid checking in. One of my friends at the time won Hobo Kelly’s toy machine prize. I don’t recall what it was called exactly.

Wackadoo wackadoo!

Another 60’s L.A. native here. I actually got to go to a taping of Hobo Kelly, though the memory is pretty hazy by now.

Born: early 60’s
Age: 48
Area: Los Angeles
Hobo Kelly: check!

Diver Dan, Sheriff John (who wished me a happy 4th birthday on air!), Wonderama. What I remember most about Hobo Kelly were the GIANT green sunglasses. Strange the things you recall.

I remember Hobo Kelly!
Born in 1964 in southern/centralish CA (Ojai) and HK used to be one of my favorite shows as a wee sprog (along with Pixann, Hodgepodge Lodge, and Wonderama) :slight_smile:

Hey! We are the same age. I grew up in West L.A. We all probably remember when Tito’s was on the corner and not yet in the “new” building.

Wonderama was a national show but it was filmed in L.A. in it’s later years. Bozo and Romper Room was local but franchised. A bunch of cities had their own version of those shows. Hobo Kelly was our own.

Another checking in - born in '62, grew up in San Diego. Hobo Kelly, Pixie Ann, Diver Dan, and Sheriff John were all part of my childhood. And when mom wasn’t paying attention, so was Seymour.

I remember seeing Seymour at Knott’s as a kid. Ooh! Celebrity brush with greatness! The whole girl scout troop was enthralled!

Quite the number of Mischief Makers in here! I’ll just take the magic mirror and see whom I can see: I see Johnny, and hajario, and kath, and ,

Oh, how I want some Tito’s! Never knew it on the corner. That one was always Lucy’s (or something) until it was renamed.

The place the used to be Lucy’s was the original Tito’s. The building where Tito’s is now was built for them in the 70’s.

OK, vague memory… Was Mr. Inside Man inside the toy machine? You never saw him, but Hobo Kelly would talk to/of him?

Hobo Kelly was real???

My uncle disappeared for almost a year, and when he came back, he told me and my five siblings that he was tortured by this drug addict named “Hobo Kelly,” (a man), who lived in the jetty, ate live crabs and jelly fish, and had killed various people in gruesome ways. Later we figured it must have been a fabrication. This was in Ocean Beach, in the late 70s.

I guess it all makes sense, now.

The only thing I know about Hobo Kelly is it was Sigmund Ausfeller’s disguised warship.

ETA: and I piloted it.

Where is Tito’s again? I’m drawing a blank. It was on Sepulveda at the bottom of the hill. I think the cross street was the northern boundary of Culver City.

…and kaylasdad99!

But I thought it was a pair of oversized spectacles…

The Magic Mirror, IIRC, was a Romper Room thing.

It’s off Sepulveda, on Washington Place. The northern boundary of Culver City is Venice Blvd. (I lived in L.A. on Clarington, just before Palms.)

I watched Hobo Kelly when I was a kid in San Diego.