Anyone seen Billy Joel in concert recently?

I’m kicking around the idea of going to the Billy Joel concert at Wrigley Field this summer. I’ve listened to the Live At Shea Stadium album and I’d be fine if his concert was at that level, but I’m not sure how much overdubbing was on that album.

Have you seen him recently in concert? What did you think? Worth the probably high $$$ that I’ll have to pay to go? I live close to Wrigley Field so I’ll probably at least get to hear some of it :slight_smile:

How recent? I’ve seen him a few times (granted, it’s been longer than 10 years). He’s playing here (Louisville, KY) on April 6, and I’m seriously considering going. The two times I’ve seen him were both fantastic.

Plus, let’s be honest, he’ll be 65 in May. And he’s not always been the pillar of health. How many more chances are you gonna have to see him? Extra incentive if you’ve never seen him before…

Some people I know saw his show in residence at MSG and said it was fantastic.

Had to share.