Anyone seen Burton Cummings in concert recently?

Burton Cummings is performing at the Caesars Windsor casino in Ontario on March 4. I’m considering going, I’m not a huge Guess Who fan, but I’m quite familiar with most of their hits. Worth going? I’ve got a friend who can get free tickets.

That’s a cool offer, dalej, but I’m in Houston. But you should go–if he still has his vocal chops, you’re in for a killer concert, IMHO, he has one of the top 5 voices in rock music.

If you like the Guess Who and can get free tickets, it seems like a no-brainer to me. Even if he has lost that great voice, all you’ve lost is your time. Bob Dylan’s voice is a shadow of its former self, but his concert tickets still sell very nicely, and he puts on a good show within his limitations.

Well worth going, I’d suggest. I haven’t seen Cummings in concert in years, but I agree–if he still has his voice, you’re in for a treat.

I saw him about a dozen years ago, along with Randy Bachman. Great show and the highlight of it was a long, extended version of American Woman. Blew everyone away.

I would go again.

The wife and I saw him two years ago in Edmonton. Larger band than in the past. A backup singer for help on occasion. That said - his voice is still great. He’s in his 60s not his 20s. One of the best shows I’ve seen in the last decade. Worth paying for. For free it’s a no brainer.