Anyone seen the gay themed "Weekend" yet?

Amazing gay themed flick that sneaks up on you. Many things I liked about it
and a few things I didn’t. Could have done a few things different with the ending,
and the sound wasn’t great…whispered english accents.

It’s available on netflex streaming.

I’ve seen it twice in the theater and love love LOVE it! It’s one of my favorite films of the year. There’s not a thing about it I would change. Calling it “gay themed” is so limiting, as if it’s only meant for gay people. I’m straight and I thought it was wonderful, very sweet and lovely. I adored the characters and hope there’s a sequel just because, as I said in another thread, they’re people I want to hang around with and would wish to have as friends.

Yes, it is a lovely film that’s more than just “gay themed”. I was surprised how emotional it was,
and I was choked up at the end.

It’s acted and written well. I suppose I wouldn’t exactly “change” anything but I was really hopeing
for a happier ending.
Things I loved: One charater fears of being in concrete and the other lives in sa concrete building,
The “pretend father” being proud of his son…amazing and what every gay person comming out to their parents wishes to hear. So touching

All in all, this was a very good movie.

Understandable, but not very realistic. [spoiler]Glen was all set to go to America. He was conflicted about going only because he’d just met Russell, but his “I don’t do boyfriends” was a protective device. One, he’d been hurt by his earlier relationship even though he denied it, and two, he was going to America, how could he start a new relationship?

If he had stayed it would have been a typical Hollywood ending, and actually unsatisfying, since they barely knew each other. If he’d stayed he might have started to resent Russell for holding him back. Once he got to America he’d miss Russell but had this whole new world to explore. If, at the end of his stay, he’d go back to England and he and Russell could pick up where they left off, it would be much more meaningful. Each of them gained valuable knowledge and insights about themselves by their brief encounter. Glen became a little more trusting and Russell became a little more open and spontaneous, and they had 2 years, or less if Glen decided to come home early, to expand on those aspects of themselves.

And anyway, they had the internet and texting and telephone to keep in touch. It’s not as if Glen was going to the Yukon or Siberia or somewhere with no cell or Internet service.

The movie has often been compared to Before Sunrise, but it actually has a much happier ending than Before Sunrise.[/spoiler]

Yes I agree

Glen should head to america. And the ending chosen was the most emotionally charged.
I just wish they would have been more “I’ll be back to see you/I’ll come visit you/Be sure and write.”
Glen’s intimate “art project” which Glen even predicts, “straights won’t want to come”, and
the movie are paralle. Obviously straights do enjoy it, tho.

When you see it again, something I highly recommend because you pick up so much more of their conversations, notice that their final conversation at the train station is muffled and purposely indistinct. I believe that’s when they are making the plans to keep in touch that you wish for. My husband saw it with me. I can quite happily confirm that he’s straight and he loved it too, so yeah, not just for gays. Any straight male secure in his sexuality wouldn’t blink twice at the gay sex or frank talk about being gay in a straight world. In this day and age, I’d guess more might object to their casual large intake of drugs.