anyone speak Gaelic?

How do you spell and pronounce the verb remember, as in I remember, in Gaelic?

I looked all over, cant find it.

I’m pretty sure some of the Irish dopers speak Gaelic, including, if I recall correctly, Ruadh. You might try e-mailing some of them.

B’heda hesh, Clogmor! (or something like that.)

Assuming you mean Irish, “I remember” is
“Is cuimhin liom” (iss kwivin lum)
“Cuimhním” (kwivneem)

If it’s Scottish you’re after, best wait for ruadh.

Its irish indeed I am after.

You will think this is stupid.
I am getting a tatoo, and I want it to say “I remember”, in irish, for my mother,she traced her ancestry to Tipperary Ireland.

The first option is better, although you might feel the text is a bit long for a tat. If you have any other ideas you want translated, you can mail me or else PM me at the other board.

Beir bua.