Anyone think this car isn't ultra cool?

Sort of a cross between an early {b]James Bond**car and the Batmobile.


Bad things happen when James Bond drives a Ford. Specifically, Diamonds Are Forever happens. Please, people; let’s not suggest that sort of mistake happen again.

Thread Hijack… This car isnt bad, dont really care for the partially covered rear fenders. But, I have never seen an uglier vehicle than the Pontiac Aztec. I really hope someone lost their job by giving the go-ahead on that project.

I wouldn’t be seen alive or dead in that thing.


or an Aztec, Or a new Beetle, or a PT Cruiser.

Nah, too retro.
Ferrari Dino? Aston Martin? What the HELL are you guys smoking? This has “Detroit Retro” written all over it.

Then again, I’m weird when it comes to retro looking cars. I think the PT Cruiser is gorgeous, as is the Plymouth Prowler (it’s a Plymouth here, anyway). But a BMW Z3 is just tacky in my book (although it drives fantastic!).

I don’t really think it looks like the Avanti either. The Avanti, now THERE’S an outstanding vehicle. Great concept, poor management. Time and time again.

I don’t see any cupholders.

Dude! I loved Diamonds are Forever. It’s worth something just for having the female character in a Bond flick with the most confusing name–Plenty O’Toole. “Named after your father, I assume.”
By the way, the link in the OP doesn’t work for me, and I’m dying to see this car now. . .

Hmm. Looks like a car. Why is it special?

Don’t like it. Sorry :frowning:

As long as it doesn’t turn into another one of those PT Cruiser-type things, I think it could be pretty cool.

By PT-C thing, I mean a potentially cool car/idea hyped-through the roof then it turns out to be a cheap, seen friggin every-where, blah vehicle. IMO.

I think its kinda ugly. Better to buy a real '49 and do it properly.

i like it, but you should see what i’m doing to my Blazer

the sedan - not the two seater, it’s not on the front page…