Anyone think this car isn't ultra cool?

I think this is the coolest car I’ve seen in a long time. What do you all think.

Its nice.

this car is sick (which means cool!) and it got a write up in Autoweek recently… nice car, I like it a lot!

It’s nice. Kind of retro-60s, Aston-Martin, James Bondish.

Then again, my dream car, if I had actual money, would be a PT Cruiser. Now that’s a cool car! So my opinion may be off a bit.


Well, it’s no DeLorean, but it’s pretty nice. Does it come with an ejection seat option? I’ve always wanted an ejections seat. (Yes, it does remind me a bit of a streamlined Astin-Martin.)

Kind of interesting. I’m not quite sure. It looks like a cross between an Aston-Martin and a Chevy Corvair to me.

Maybe if I saw it IRL, it would make a different impression.

Yuck! I guess I’m in the minority here. I don’t know what it is about it but it just doesn’t impress me.

Looks fine from the front, but damn that’s an ugly ass. Reminds me of my ex-wife in that regard.

I wouldn’t buy one, but then I can’t stand the PT Cruiser so my opinions in hip-retro aren’t to be trusted.

What the hell is that thing under its hood?

It looks a lot like one of the less exciting Ferrari Dinos.

It does have a funky butt. But its pretty. I like the James Bond look.

It is a pretty cool looking car, except the rear end. The rear end lights just doesn’t match the rest of the car.

It looks all right. The front seems reminiscent of the new T-Birds coming out, but the back reminds me of (dare I say it?) an Edsel.

I wish they made a slightly-larger version of the PT. I love how it looks, but since I’m a big guy, I don’t fit in a Cruiser.

And I wish there was a model with a V-6, too…

Yeah, the back side does kinda spoil the whole image for me. You see this cool Bond type car coming at you and just when you’re about to say “Look at that!”, some damn minivanesque tragedy of a thing drives away.

OK, so I over dramatized :smiley:

It DOES however look damn good from all sides but one, and I think it’s a lot cooler than most things you see on the road these days.

— G. Raven

Not to brag, but…

I saw this car at the Detroit Auto Show. It is very cool looking, but I have to agree with everyone about its butt. Actually, there were several beautiful new retro cars there, and often the butt was a bit off.

But I like the Cruiser and I drive a New Beetle, so that says a bit about my taste in cars. :slight_smile:

Well, of course it’s cool looking; it’s a ripoff of the original cool car, the 1963 Studebaker Avanti.

It doesn’t appear to be very comfortable inside & where is the smog equipment? From that interior view, I can’t even tell if its automatic or not. As a matter of fact it seems to be possibly missing a turn signal lever.

It looks nice otherwise but it’s not something I would want to own, its just too impractical looking.

It’s nice from the front, but I hate the rear. I wouldn’t refuse one as a gift or anything, but I’m kind of ambivilant about it. Like others in the thread, I appreciate the Aston Martin-like styling, but a sleek and gorgeous car should be s&g from the headlights to the taillights; you just can’t do it in bits and pieces. Please see the Jaguar XK8 as an example of this principle in action.

Hmm. Yes, four wheels. Doors. Oh, and a windshield. Yep, that’s a car all right.

Ugly looking thing. But, eh, whatever.