Anyone up for some Solomon Kane discussion?

Just finished reading THE SAVAGE TALES OF SOLOMON KANE. Pretty sweet. Took a while for Howard to finally get the stories to be something more than, “Solomon walked around and decided to stop by this place for the night and something weird happened and he just kind of watched it and there was a twist ending” proto-TALES FROM THE CRYPT sort of thing, but once he did, I think he turned out some pretty good stories.

That and the book was laid out wonderfully, with Gianni’s artwork added to the individual pages made the book a lot more fun than just straight text. I hope they continue this with the next Conan book (and drop Schulz for the art, by God, he made Conan look like some awful Italian gladiator movie doofus).

Aside from that, I really wouldn’t know where to start the discussion. I suppose there’s always the element of racism, although I don’t see it being as much a problem as it was in Conan and even then, I think it was just a product of its time.

Anyone else?