Solomon Kane Trailer (in Russian)

A trailer for the long awaited, eagerly anticipated and hopefully awesome movie Solomon Kane has been floating around the internets. Unfortunately, it’s in Russian.

Anyone else excited about this? Kane is my favorite Howard creation. I collected the comic when I was younger as well. I’ve been reluctant to read any rumors or debate about the quality of the movie or how faithfull the adaptation will be, but I couldn’t resist getting a peek at the trailer. It looks great!

Wiki article on the character, in case anyone is interested.

While I think Kane is a terrific concept that movie looks terrible. Just from what appeared on screen it looks that they made him as generic action hero as possible and put him in as generic of story as possible.

I agree, he’s not what I pictured for Kane. I always saw him as ap
pale, gaunt, almost skeletal person. I can’t judge the plot yet, but I don’t think the effects are that bad. I’m just happy such an atypical hero would ever make it to the big screen. I’m sure there will be plenty to bitch about in the end, but I imagine the pitch for this movie was funny.

English trailer.

I don’t recall any of the stories being in Europe. Have I missed out?
He has the staff in one scene, and the witch doctor guy gives it to him in Africa.

There is so much potential in Kane’s Puritan background–but the movie seems to be ignoring that. Sigh.

When is it coming out, already?

I have to concur, unfortunately. Everything about that trailer screams “Van Helsing” to me.

I’d love to be wrong about this.


Kane I dunno, but the lead (Purefoy?) looks enough like a young Christophe Lambert to make me want to connect him a new Highlander film. If the new Highlander film weren’t likely to suck eggs.