Anyone use MBS (Managing By Strengths)

We use Managing By Strengths in our workplace, and have found it to be very effective and quite interesting. It is suprisingly accurate too. Information on it can be found here:

I was wondering if anyone here has used the program and if so what your Strengths are. I am Paced and Direct. We all wear our graphs on our nametags so we all know how to talk to and deal with each other.

This looks materially the same as the Meyers-Briggs test, which to be brutally honest was and is junk science. Actually, it’s so similar I wonder if copyright infringement is an issue.

The perceived “accuracy” of such tests is usually a result of the Forer Effect.

I have to agree with RickJay on this one. My company did this type of thing. Some of the employees even did the nametag thing. It didn’t last long and resulted in some bad feelings.

Ah, Management by Flavor-of-the-Month. I am well familiar with it, having formerly worked for an organization that adhered to whatever the hot new best-selling management book said they should adhere to (which of course lasted exactly as long as it took for a new book to be published, if that long). FISH. From Good to Great. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Discover Your Strengths. DiSC.

You name it, I took the little tests and discussed the results with my colleagues, and we all got to feel good about ourselves for the duration of the 4- or 8-hour (sometimes 2 whole workday) sessions. It may have impacted how we worked together for as long as a week, and then it was back to whatever patterns we’d already established.

People are going to interact in whatever way they choose. Or, more accurately, they’ll interact in whatever way they fall into, because it requires no effort or forethought, and instead is based entirely on whatever social patterns they already follow.

I used to tolerate these little sessions with good grace and humor, but as the years go by, I get more and more aggravated with them. All they do is take valuable time away from my actual work (and the deadlines never change to accommodate these stupid workshops).

If it’s working for you and your colleagues, then good for you guys. I’ve yet to see any of that make a lasting (let alone valuable) impact.

Last year our idiot boss wanted us to do some similar sounding BS. I refused, saying I would not submit to what I considered psychological testing of no proven validity. And I lost track of how many flavor-of-the-month speakers and such she had in telling us whether our personalities were A, B, C, F, lions peacocks, owls, or some other crap. The idiot has since been fired, thank god.

I’m eager to hear how much you enjoy the system when some plum assignment or promotion comes up yet you are passed by because TPTB decide it was best handled by someone who is Erratic and Obscure.

An old boss of mine sent us to a seminar involving all this crap. Once the woman explained what a, b, c, and d were (20 min), she then started in with a hand-wringing sob story about illness and a sweet neice and self-esteem and began hawking her wares; tapes, books, blah, blah, blah.

We cut out early and went to the bar.

FINNALY the voice of reason (I’ll be over here in the corner with my vodka/tonic if you need me).