Anyone want on my friends list on Netflix?

Just send the invite to

Or leave yours and I’ll send you one when I have the chance.
I dunno, I know not many may know me personally on here but it’s always fun getting recommendations and reading notes and suggestions from friends on there. So if you have Netflix and don’t mind having friends or aquaintances on your list there, feel free to add me or to leave your email here and I’ll add you next time I visit there.

Oh, and if this topic is better suited for CS, humble apoligies and I’ll understand if it’s moved.

Sure, why not? I sent you an invite.

Er…if you see bad movies in my queue, it’s probably something my sister requested. :wink:

Hahaha, same here, only my roomate. :stuck_out_tongue:

However I don’t think I’ve got anything really “bad” in there, hahaha.