Anyone want to come visit me - and help me move?

Here’s the story, short and sweet. Well, okay - neither of those.

**Come on over on a Friday night, we drink and be merry, and on Saturday, we load up a U-haul and move me about 4 miles from where I live now. Done in 6-8 hours max. Saturday night we drink and be merry and Sunday, we …drink and be merry. **

No packing or unpacking required - just loading and unloading.

My girlfriend and I have decided to part. I was going to stay in the house we rented and she was going to continue to pay her part of the rent. Tonight, while watching TV, a bat flew through the living room. No shit.

That was the last straw, after a series of problems with the house. The basement flooded, ruining a lot of my stuff, furniture included. An upstairs toilet leaked, ruining a custom made leather couch of my ex’s. Told the landlord we wanted out and she said she understood and is giving my ex back her full damage deposit and letting out of the rent agreement.

This all means I have to move and I’m so damn stressed out about it that I can’t sleep. I’m going to just barely scrape together what I need to put down a deposit and 1st month’s rent. That doesn’t leave much to help me move.

I am pretty damn freaked and then I thought hell, why not go out on a huge limb and see if some dopers want to come to Springfield, meet some other dopers and help me move. I don’t have much stuff. My last move involved a 14 foot truck and that’s it. 3 people moved me in 6 hours.

SO…anyone wanna come visit Springfield, Illinois, meet some other dopers and help me move some weekend this month? :slight_smile: I can’t offer you much, except a possible place to bunk down and the guarantee that fun will be had by all.

I so wish I were kidding but…in times like these, this is where I turn.

I’m debating posting this now. I feel like a chump.


pssst. Tibs. If’n you said “come on over for Pizza and beer”, you’d have gotten them inside. THEN you hold off on the good stuff until the boxes are loaded. Works much better that way.

Well, I would, but I’m in this witness protection program, you see…


Good luck with your move. I’ve always said you find out who your true friends are when it comes to movin’ time.


the baseball type or the flying mammal type?


  2. Don’t worry; No one will be able to see your face past the beer and pizza.

  3. Flying mammal type.

I just re-read my post and I’m pretty sure I feel like a bigger chump today than I did yesterday. Good Lord, pass the coffee.


I’m genuinely sorry that I can’t help you out, because I can see that you clearly need it. I have my hands full with Aaron, though.

Sorry. :frowning:

Thank you for the nice post, Airman. Aaron sounds like the best thing in the world to have your hands full of. :slight_smile:


I’d love to be able to help, but Virginia and Illinois not being the closest of neighbors…:frowning:

If we still lived in Illinois, I’d get a babysitter and you’d have two pairs of hand to help. Denver’s a little far. I hope you find some help, moving is not happy by yourself.

You guys are kind - thank you for the nice words.


Tibs, I opened this one up hoping you’d have some helpers by now. Unfortunately, I’m in Maryland, or I’d happily volunteer.

We’re busy this weekend. Honest.

[sub]Good Luck[/sub]

I really would, but I’m in Boston, with no vacation time until November. Can you postone? :wink: