Anyone want to name my Saint Bernard puppy?

Pup will be coming home with me tomorrow. He will be massive, slow, sweet, and possibly not very bright (but I have high hopes). I would like to give him a dignified name, because for the next year or so he will be kind of a doofus, and I don’t want to set him up to fail (self-fulfilling prophecy, you know) by naming him something goofy like “Jethro”
So far my only inspiration has been the past winners of the World’s Stongest Man contest:

ex: Magnus, Fergus, Duncan, Lars.

Anyone bored enough tonight to contribute?


Barring that…how about the classic Greek/Roman/whatever mythology names (Ares! Jove!), or philosopher/theologian names (Plato! Hobbes! Augustine!)?

But you said not very bright. How about William Hung?

I’m admittedly biased by how much the man entertained me, but have you considered naming him Andre, after the late Giant?

William H? Ummm… My pup might not be so… talented.

I like the idea of mythical/ viking/ welsh/ literary names.

What else ya got?

It’s Slobberin’ Time!

So, astro , you are familiar with the breed?

Yes, we are prepared for slobber. I taught my previous big boy to shake his head before he came in the house in order to rid himself of excess… effluvia… before he entered and wiped his mouth on my pants.

Unfortunatley, he thought I meant “Shake your head, hard, before crossing any threshold” and he baptised every doorway upon entry.

Niiice way to wake up.

BF and I would hear him lumber towards the bedroom door for his morning greeting, and we would immediately pull the covers over our faces and wait for the flying foam.





and finally, for a big lovey dog you can’t go wrong with Max.

“Here, Gompers! Here, boy!”

Well, there’s Beowulf (and just think, he could be Wulf for short!) or Grendel. Finnegan. Dante. Virgil. Bacchus.


:stuck_out_tongue: Eve ! Gompers? Where did that come from? I’m picturing a bernie with corrective shoes and a lopsided grin :stuck_out_tongue:
I do like Beowulf, Maximus, and Grendel.

Of course, tomorrow I will be holding a goofy looking round-headed little puppy who will take 2 years to grow into such a noble name, but someday, someday, he will be Something-the-Great.

All hail, Crouton, Earl of Salad .

I think it’s a good idea to name a dog after personalities from their home country. Any Swiss people you admire?

I just finished reading Beowulf, and was going to suggest it mystlf. Since **NT ** beat me to it, I second the suggestion. Although Grendel is a bit more obscure (not being the “title character”), which always appeals to me.

If you want to go mythic, I can’t think of a better name for a St. Bernard than Thor, personally, although it’s a little cliché.

I’m a big fan of mythology and history, so I’ll suggest the following:


Monk or Brother…after all, monks were the first to use the St. Bernard for rescues.

Or Brandy as I believe that’s what they traditionally carry in those little flasks around their neck.

I like Beowulf myself.

But I’m posting because I am sincerely hoping you will have cute puppy pictures to post. Awwww…



Or Snoopy.