Anyone want to start an SDMB presence on a Twitter alternative?

I tried Mastodon. It took me two days to figure out how to open an account and after that I failed to find any content. I’m dreading trying to figure it out.

But this is a smart place, right? Any interest in banding together as adopters and choosing a Twitter alternative to land an SDMB colony on? Maybe the smart folks can help the dumb folks like me learn the steps on Mastodon or whatever else?

What say ye?

I’m wondering what the utility would be. If it’s going to be a dedicated SDMB space, instead of moving onto a generic server, someone has to pay for server space. It’ll also have to elect moderators if they want to be discoverable via the main Mastodon page. This isn’t absolutely required–Trump’s Truth Social site runs on Mastodon but (I expect) violates their community standards. But that would make it even less useful.

It seems like it would just be a crappy alternative to our Discourse site, taking both resources and user attention for no benefit. What we need are better means of funneling new users to our site. A more useful presence on Mastodon would be an SDMB user on an appropriate existing server that highlights interesting threads, etc. Though the server maintainers might not be happy about that, either.

One of the features of Mastodon is that it only allows searching on hashtags, not any other content. It’s also not uncommon to subscribe to hashtags to get posts on a topic. If every doper on mastodon tag posts they think other dopers would find interesting with #SDMB that could function as a #SDMB alternative. In fact I’m going to post a “Welcome to Mastodon fellow dopers” post right now and tag it thus for anyone interested.

Checked before posting that it was not already in use. I guess there aren’t many dyslexic BDSM-ers on mastodon yet.

Curious whether you’ve actually made that post* yet. Not finding the hashtag in my search yet.

*I just can’t get with calling them ‘toots’. And god help the next person that asks me to ‘boost a toot’.

I’m not finding it either.

To explore a new technology with companions rather than alone. I don’t see it as a substitute for the SDMB but just because I’m having a hard time figuring out by myself I’m looking to put together a party of adventurers.

I suggest you recruit a few intrepid explorers and venture out into the snowbound wilderness while the rest of us sluggards sit here in the lodge next to the big fireplace sipping hot toddies. We will be very interested to hear y’all’s adventures and reports, and will gladly heap glory on your heads.

It’s scawwy out there.

I made the post, so I expect it’s a result of posts not propagating as fast right now due to the massive influx of new posters.

The core mastodon app and server also has gone away from “toot” and now say “publish”. Personally I think it’s a perfectly fine word, I mean I thought “tweet” was dumb when twiitter was new, but I’ll be using “post” since there’s no real need for a special word.

Hmm. I find it modestly alarming that I still can’t see it. I have this FOMO-esque worry that the new instance I joined isn’t as well-federated as I might hope. I have no idea if that’s true, I just don’t know enough to know.

I do like the people on this new instance I chose. I now understand how a great ‘local’ community can add to the experience.

Unsurprisingly the post shows up if I search on SDMB, but maybe it’s my instance that’s badly federated …

What instance are you on?

Super weird. I can see users, but I still can’t find a #sdmb hashtag either by using the search bar at my instance or at some of the public search options.

For real! I was just thinking “I just wish Dopers would come back HERE, come back home instead of going to all those other places that never really work out anyway!”