Anyone watch "Corner Gas"? (Canadian sitcom)

I stumbled onto it a couple of days ago and I’ve been binging ever since. It’s available to stream on Amazon Prime.

It’s quirky ensemble comedy set in a nowhere town in Saskatchewan called Dog River. Guy owns a gas station that rents videos. His coworker is a slightly cynical grammar maven. Cute girl inherits cafe next door. Goofy best friend, cranky dad, long-suffering mom. Two cops, male and female. The flavor of it is kind of a combination of Seinfeld and Taxi, with hints of Northern Exposure.

I’ve been watching tons of cop/crime/murder shows recently when I’m not reading the news, and this show is a welcome break from both. Even though it’s as far from Jewish-urban as you can get, it’s like Seinfeld, because it’s about nothing. It’s light, witty, a little wacky, and not the least bit topical or timely. It’s balm for the battered mind.

This is season 1/episode 1:

I quite enjoy the show. It’s pretty mindless but I like the characters and the writing is very relatable.

Should hope not. The live action version ended almost a decade ago. >_>

The animated version is pretty good, too.

Let me rephrase: it is not topical even relative to topics of the day. :rolleyes:

As a lifelong Saskatchewan resident, I can assure you that this is not a comedy, it’s a documentary. I have met many of the actors. I have met ALL of the characters.

Possibly amusing fact: we were out after work one night, having drinks, and ran into some of the cast at the bar. When one of us mentioned Woolerton, they all, as one, stopped talking and spit, then resumed their conversation as if nothing had happened.

My favorite episode so far (I’m sure I haven’t seen them all) is the one where Karen pictures Hank as a hunk from a bodice-ripper.

The cast made a reunion movie a few years ago.

It’s pretty good.

I enjoyed the first two seasons of Corner Gas. It changed season three with broader more silly comedy.

Same thing happened to the Andy Griffith show. The humor was subtle and character based in the early seasons. It got broad and silly later.

Some of the later episodes are fun from a Canadian nostalgia point of view. ParticipACTION! The Littlest Hobo! The Summit Series! Etc.

I have Bad Brent’s shirt.


It’s a very well-written show.

I’m in Ontario, and have never been to Saskatchewan, but it’s very relateable. It does venture into topical subjects occasionally when certain Canadians appear briefly in cameos. I’m pretty sure very few Americans would have a clue who they are though.

I watched this when it was first out, over a decade ago now wow! I liked it, and I turned my parents on to it too. Solidly funny and charming and not risqué.

I love this show! I think it’s the best-written sitcom ever, and I’ve seen a few.

I just watched that one today. “Kiss me, Fish Man!” :smiley:

I hate it when that happens to shows. It happened to Monk. I know, not a comedy, but in the beginning, Monk’s quirks were interesting and well, quirky, but in later episodes, they became too much and the character was humiliated by them.

I have Brent’s shirt from the “Shirt Powers” episode.

I also have one of his bar bills.

And have visited Dog River before they tore it down last year. It was only about 40 k from where Piper Clan lives.

Fitzie’s grandmother is a friend of ours.

I’m also aware of a courthouse where the one-way glass was installed the wrong way …

The one where she has to read a bodice-ripper to an old woman in a nursing home is pretty good too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was on the floor laughing at most episodes. Funniest thing to come along in years.

I consider Patton Oswalt to be America’s answer to Brett Butt.

I’m watching it on amazon prime as I type this. I caught a few episodes on late night television years ago and was thrilled to discover the whole thing on amazon prime recently. A sweet little show.

It’s balm for the spirit in these troubled times. I’m still bingeing. Only 1/3 through season 2.