Anyone watch the meteor shower?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum. It said “all things leisure” and IMHO did have an explicit label defining itself as “less than cosmic.”

The Perseids are out in full glory tonight. I went with a few friends to the local state park to watch it for a few hours. Not the most meteors I’ve seen, but the sky was pitch black and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

What’d you do during the meteor shower?

I only saw one little meteor.
My kid basically spent most of the night on the beach, and he counted 41, including a couple that had little fireball streaks.

I got up at 1am and watched for about an hour. It was pretty cloudy at first, so there wasn’t much chance of seeing anything, but by 2am it was fairly clear. I probably saw 8 or so. I found it very addictive. I’d see one and think I’d just watch a few more minutes, then after a few minutes I couldn’t tear myself away and think I’d just watch until I saw one more. When I saw one more, it would start all over again.

I got up at 5:15 and watched for another 1/2 hour, and saw a few more.

Some were just little spots moving quickly across the sky, but some left trails and were quite impressive.

Sat in the hot tub from 2:30-3:30. Perfectly clear skies, great view of NW sky. Only saw about 10 meteors, most were fleeting and by the time on of us said something, the other didn’t see it.

In hazy Atlanta? Fat chance. I miss the clear night skies of the Mojave or West Texas.

I was outside on a hill in the goat pasture of the animal sanctuary :slight_smile: I think the group that was out there had seen about 40 of them by the time I left around midnight. The best one streaked across the sky and flared into this bright white spot, leaving the tail hanging in the stars. Beautiful.

I was out near midnight on Saturday night, since I was away from the city that night but not last night. Saw maybe four or five meteors, but a couple of them were pretty spectacular.

I saw a few…my mom saw about 20 or so.

Me and my sweetie went out about midnight. We laid naked in the grass in the front yard and saw five, two were really bright. We talked about things and then we did some other things. It’s great to live in the country with no neighbors.

Cloudy all weekend. :frowning: I was really looking forward to going out on Saturday night, I had picked my dark spot and everything. Alas, Friday was clear and sunny, but the weekend dawned completely overcast. Late Sunday night there was too much cloud cover to make a venture not worth it. If it’s clear tonight, I might wander out and see if I can catch the tail end. (Heh.)

Went out for only 10 minutes because it was so darn hazy but of the 3 we saw, one was really close, low and slow, making the whole thing very worthwhile.

The downside of Tokyo: some form of electrical lighting every ten feet, 35-degree/90%-humidity weather that creates a 24-hour haze, and enough light pollution from miles around to light up that haze bright enough to read a book by.

You could see a tiny patch of night sky if you looked straight up. Still managed to see a couple, though, and spent the rest of the time getting some good long-exposure photos of streetlights reflecting off the river.

What channel was it on?

I unintentionally woke up this morning at 3am, and decided to step out into the backyard to try to see some meteors. I saw one, out of the corner of my eye, in the ten minutes I was out there. I felt vaguely ripped off.

For that matter, which website?

I watched Saturday night/Sun a.m. for a couple of hours. Saw about 20, a few with nice long tails. It was pretty cool just having a clear sky, new moon, so many stars. Amazing.

I tried to watch it–saw about three–but was then menaced out of my yard by a fairly aggressive deer.

Not as many as last year. But we saw two that were very bright .

I saw a nice bright one the Sunday before the official meteor shower. I forgot to check out the Perseids.

Yes, we went out to a hill by a resevior to watch them, there were no street lights, just the stars. It was beautiful.