Anyone watch Tony Blair's UK Forum on MTV?

I happened to come across this while channel surfing. I missed most of it, unfortunatly. What MTV did was they took students from a number of countries- European, Middle Eastern mostly. They asked him questions and he answered therm.

While I missed most of it, I thought what I heard was interesting.

a) The only two supporters of war I saw were Iraqi. Hmm…

b) One person quoted a civilian casualty estimate from one source as a half-million. Tony looked so angry as if he was going to smack her.

c) The host made a few smart-ass cracks in front of Blar, something like, “75% of Europeans think the gov’t has alterior motives in declaring war; shows how much faith they have in politicians telling the truth”. I don’t think Blair appreciated that one.

d) Tony said the accusations that it’s all about oil or some other dumb conspiracy is totally preposterous. It’s about time people stopped saying that, after all.
If anyone saw the beginning, I’d like to know. It’ll be replayed on Wed. 12th at 11 A.M. US Eastern time.