Anyone watching Star-Crossed? The 100?

I caught the new CWtv (YAtv, really) shows recently and wondered what people thought.

Star Crossed has a bit of an interesting premise as an allegory of the US civil rights period, with some teen romance thrown in.

The 100 came across as pretty nonsensical - sending 100 unsupervised juvenile delinquents to planet with pretty much no training, resources, or supervision to re-colonize the planet? Smart move. There were just enough interesting side-notes to make me think the book might be interesting, but they glossed over a lot to get the action moving and I felt it hurt more than helped.

I watched the pilot of both of these. Neither of them impressed me enough to continue watching. Both were very formulaic. It seems like everything the CW has done this season is to try to reproduce the success of the Vampire Diaries and Supernatural by making something “just different enough” to be called a new show, but without the imagination and good writing (arguable, I agree) of those shows.



There’s a funny recap of The 100 on i09 titled “The 100 is like BSG for Dummies, But We Love it.” But they’re a little optimistic about about the show ability to entertain conquering it’s other flaws.