Anyone watching "The Dead Zone"?

I catch episodes of the Dead Zone every now and again. Not often enough to follow the many different subplots.

Some questions for those who might know.

Is Johnny porking the Sheriff’s wife (Nicole deBoer)? Sometimes I think yes and sometimes I think no. Lord knows I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers!

Is Sheriff Bannerman aware that his son is actually Johnny’s son?

In the current season opener Sheriff Bannerman was killed in the church fire. Who was the other person in a body bag?

Probably polite to spoiler your answers.

Thanks! :smiley:

For your first question:

Yes, the sheriff knows that JJ isn’t his biological son. Johnny was engaged to Walt’s wife (whose name I can’t remember) and she was several months pregnant with JJ when the accident happened. She and the sheriff got closer after the accident and eventually married. So, he knows and the kid knows too. They dealt with this a little bit in last season’s finale, when JJ and his mom were kidnapped, and the kidnapper taunted Walt saying he only had his family because of Johnny’s coma, and that he could never really be JJ’s father.

No idea on the answer to the second question. I wasn’t really paying attention.

[spoiler]Absolutely not. Johnny and Sarah had some emotional attachment during the first season, and in one episode, they gave in and slept together. It was a one time thing though, and they regretted it.

Sheriff Walt Bannerman suspected, and confronted Johnny with that suspicion. In the same episode though, Johnny learned that Walt once committed a similar indiscretion in the past. At some point after that, Walt simply asked Sarah, “Is it over?” to which she tearfully replied, “Yes.”

They’ve put all that behind them now. Johnny, Sarah, and Walt are all good friends. Johnny and Walt work well together, never alluding to the past again, and they seem quite secure in their friendship. Sarah continues to express concern for Johnny, but not in any inappropriate fashion. Oh, and Johnny has had some additional love interests along the way, and appears to have moved on.