Anyone with convergence issues - can you see the 3D in Avatar?

I have issues with convergence of my eyes (Exophoria) and I was never able to see the old type of 3D.

Has anyone else with similar issues tried to see it in 3D?

Please, please, please, do a search for “avatar.” There are three or four threads already dealing with this type of thing.
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In short, if you don’t use binocular vision to see the real world in 3D, then you won’t see any 3D effects in a 3D theater showing of Avatar or any other movie. However, if you’re going with friends or relatives, you can put on the glasses and effectively see a 2D version of the movie while watching together*. If going alone, don’t bother paying the 3D surcharge.

*: Some people may benefit from some sort of eye-patch to thoroughly disable the 3D projection. It is my opinion that theaters should have designated glasses that have the same filter on both lenses for people with 3D problems, but if wishes were horses…

This makes me wonder… for people that can’t resolve binocular depth of 3d glasses, why/how can they parse the two different images caused by parallax in the real world?

from this in cafe society:

we have this post:

sounds plausible to me…