Anywhere I can get Lemmings?

I lost my copy of the original Lemmings game several years ago, and now I can’t find any place that carries it. Is there anyplace on the Net I can play it?

There was a link posted around here somewhere…

::stumbles off::

::bumps into a blocker::

::bumps into another blocker::

::climbs stairs::

::falls down a hole::

Ah, yes, here it is.

First, move to Greenland. . .

I saw a great cartoon concerning lemmings in the Boston Globe a few days ago. A mother lemming is scolding her son:
“Oh and if your friend Johnny didn’t jump off a cliff, would that stop you from jumping off a cliff too ?”

Totally off topic but the original question has been answered.

I used to have the National Lampoon album but lost it years ago.

“Long hair, short hair what’s the difference once the head’s blowed off?”