Play Lemmings from your Browser

If you have a recent version of Mozilla/Firefox, Opera, or MSIE, you can play Lemmings from the comfort of your web browser. You might need to enable JavaScript if it is disabled by default.

Lemmings: Does it even need an excuse? :wink:

OMFG! Lemmings is like… the best game ever! I hope this works…
That’s the drink talking… actually worms is the best game ever, but lemmings has nostalgic beauty.

It does work!

Derleth I f*ckin’ love you!

Moves away from Lobsang on the bench.


OK - I’m a blonde, so bear with me. I’m on level 5 in FUN mode. Where the hell’s the trap door??

All right! Chemistry homework can wait!

Use the scrollbars at the bottom. Easy to miss them.

Oh man, so much for the evening.

Wow. Thanks for that link. My buddy had promised me a program CD, but it never came to be.

Not to get too technical, but this is one tip of a very large iceburg that has been moving in on the Web for a little while now. Google AJAX and marvel at everything you can do with some JavaScript and some XML.

Come to think of it, Google is one of the prime movers behind this AJAX paradigm. Gmail and Google Maps are the two most visible examples of this right now, but who knows what Google will roll out in the not-too-distant future?

Lots of other cool games from the mother site as well:

In a similar vein, help Dave Attell herd his drunk friends from bar to bar. Don’t let them sober up!

WAHOO! Lemmings! You are the greatest, oh great leader.

Want me to dig a hole for you?

Ooooohhhh nooooooooo


Until hs says, “and creating a nusiance?” :slight_smile:

Oh man, you made my day.

I’m stuck on Level 9 in Fun mode, though. Other than putting a stopper guy so the lemmings don’t get whizzed up, I don’t know how to get them to the way out.

Whole bunch of bashin’ goin’ on.

Is there a reference site somewhere in case you reach a level where everything that you try fails to work?

Derleth, you frickin’ legend.

The OP is evil.