Apathetic or Half-Hearted? Let's Form a Club

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to form a club.

I’ve never done anything about it because basically I can’t be bothered. The project requires the establishment of a committee with a chairman, secretary, treasurer etc. Meetings must be organised, a venue has to be found and a membership drive conducted. It’s all just too much trouble.

Could somebody else do it please?

I’ll join once you find someone to organize it, but I can’t bring snacks or anything like that, I’m usually rushing straight from work and don’t have time to stop.

I have an idea for a name for the club, I’ll write it down later.

Well, I would get to work recruiting people, but I just put my PJs on and I don’t really feel like getting dressed again. Maybe tomorrow.


I started to read this thread, but it had too many words in it.

I was gonna post, but couldn’t be bothered.

Oh, wait…

Sure. I can do it.

But not right now.
I’ll take care of it tomorrow.

Or maybe the day after.

Hmm? A club? Yeah, that’s…neat…what’s it about?

Ooo, sorry, gotta take this call.

[Groucho Marx]

“I refuse to join any club that would have me for a member.”

[/Groucho Marx]

Oh, OK, but I can’t come in the week cos I work and in the weekend I’m already elsewhere engaged (don’t want my sofa to miss me too much).

No, I can’t be arsed.

So yeah… uh… sounds great,

Sign me up and I’ll see you at… uh… the uh… whatever.

Meetings… uh yeah… that’s where I’ll see you,

So yeah… uh… whatever.

Sounds great, but I think I’ll join up after it’s been going a while.

Maybe somebody could design a logo or something?? I’m not very artistic or I might thing about volunteering…

I’ll let you know.

Yeah, let me know when the first meeting is, I’ll see if I can make it.

I’d probably not be able to make it but I’d like to be a Charter Member. They are important.

I’ve always wanted to belong to a group of the apathetic. Wake me up when it’s started.

We can all be SDSAB members. Straight Dope Severely Apathetic Board members.

I can contribute a well-written article on…I’ll come up with a topic later. Or never, depending.

Yeah, I guess I could draw something. Could someone else figure out what I should draw, though? I have such a hard time thinking of good ideas.

Would be good if someone could organise some drinks and snacks to loosen up the atmosphere, I’m sure there must be loads of people who would love to help with this; I’ll just leave it to them.