Apocalypse Vs. Thanos

First off we have to assume that Thanos doesn’t have any Infinity Gems/Cosmic Cube/1920s Style Death Ray of the week or this is a useless discussion.

Even then, the only reason I’m thinking this could be a fight is because of an event I’ve only read about, and wasn’t actually there to witness. Apocalypse apparently supercharged the Hulk, renaming him “War”, enough to smack the Juggernaut around with relative ease.

First of all, I’d like to know what the deal with this whole situation is, since I didn’t think En Sabah Nur was quite tough enough to supplement the powers of a big gun like ol’ jade jaws. Secondly, does this put him in a league with the Mad Titan?

Assume two battles. One where they meet by coincidence and their personalities just don’t “mix”, and another where they each have ample time to plan (but Thanos still can’t have any cosmic playthings.)

Apocalypse. I’ve never seen the upper limits of his powers. He’s presumably immortal, as storylines have shown him living several thousand years into the future, and having lived several thousand years ago.

Thanos always struck me as a big monkey–certainly a TOUGH monkey, being an Eternal–who was dependent on super weapons for support.

I would think an Eternal would always outclass a human, whatever the mutation.

I think Thanos would take this one pretty easily. Even without the Infinity Gauntlet, Cosmic Cube, or whatever, he’s still really, really powerful. He still takes on guys like the Silver Surfer regularly.

Apocalypse is continually foiled by the X-Men.

Thanos is continually foiled by himself. It’s Starlin’s #1 rule.

Oh yeah, and Ka-Zar beat him once, too. (YES, I know Starlin came up with an explanation for that.)

The way Apocalypse dealt with the Hulk is one of his more impressive feats.

He picked him up, and though the Hulk struggled, Apocalypse held him easily and talked to him calmly about how Hulk should be obediant. The Hulk realized he stood no chance against Apocalypse. Finally Apoc let him go and Hulk coughed and wheezed.

So Apocalypse is possibly physically stronger than Thanos, but Thanos would still win. He has a wider range of powers, like energy manipulation. He can beat the Avengers and the Surfer.

In fact, Apocalypse is sort of the Earth’s Thanos. Thanos is the universe’s Thanos. He would win.

Thyanos can take down Odin without too much trouble, and Thanos can’t die. He’ll smack around Apocalypse like Red-Headed step-child.

Apoc’s strength should not be anywhere near enough to stop the Hulk, and he’s shown much weaker strength on many occaissions when he would have used everything he had. Its another case of the writers changing powers around.

Thanos is a cosmic entity, and Apocalypse is basically Earthbound (as far as I’ve seen). On strength alone, maybe Apocalypse, but no holds barred, I’d go with Thanos. It’s like pitting the Silver Surfer against the Hulk and hoping the Surfer sticks to Marquess of Queensbury rules. Why would that ever happen?

Huh? I’ve seen a comic book where Odin and Thanos got into a smack-down…one of the issues in the “Blood and Thunder” series…and while Thanos put up a good showing, it was definitely in a “I can’t believe he’s still standing after Odin smacked him around like that” kind of way.

Oh, Odin was quite capable of doig a lot of damage, even lethal damage, to Thanos. But none of it could kill Thanos. The Big T was standing there mocking Odin and calling for more. Thanos won that fight, as I recall, because nothing Odin did mattered.

Did we read the same comic? Thanos wasn’t mocking Odin and calling for more. He was refusing to surrender, despite being slapped around six ways from Sunday, but that’s it. And Thanos didn’t win; the fight was interrupted when the Infinity Watch finally told Odin what they were doing in Asgard.

And Thanos getting beat up a lot without ever really laying a finger on Odin doesn’t quite qualify as “taking down Odin without too much trouble”.

I would have to agree with the posters who note that Thanos is truly the more frightening figure. He is a villian (sometimes hero) of universal proportions so I would expect him to easilly handle Appolc. Sadly, it appears that, according the the Marvels series, Thanos is dead and gone.

Despite the events in The End, Thanos is alive and kicking. The first issue of his own series came out Wednesday.