Apologies to Manhattan

He closed this thread pertaining to money laundering:

I had thought to use some responsible ignorance fighting similar to what occured in the “Master Lock” thread on this touchy subject and explain why money laundering is unlikely to work very well in today’s environment.

Manhattan requested forbearance, and I came back with a request for a clarification and an offer.

In the meantime I responded in detail to some posts on the subject, which was clearly against the Moderator’s wishes, though I’d said I wouldn’t (I was waiting for a clarification and thought since the subject had been broached and the cat was out of the bag, that it wouldn’t do any harm.)

Please accept my sincere apologies for not following your request, and exercising poor judgement and impatience on this topic, as well as not following through on my promise of discretion.

I’d have sent this by email, but I don’t have access to it at this computer.

I appreciate it, but there’s no need.

It was really more the collection of posts and where the thread seemed to be going that made me close it than any one post or one person’s posts.

It’s all good.

You should at least make him do some pushups or something, though. Just so he remembers who’s in charge. And with any luck, it’ll lead to a bizarre chain of events that he can relate for us as only scylla can.

With his shoulder being what it is, I’d have to say it’d be medically unadvisable to have him do push-ups.

Just make him do one-armed ones! :wink:

Hmm. Excellent point, waterj2, thanks for the slap.

Since pushups seem to be out of the question, and folks definitely want a story out of it…

Scylla, for crimes against General Questions, I sentence you to play peek-a-boo with your daughter. Through a tropical fish tank. One with fish. In a pet store. Right after she’s eaten ice cream.

So there.

I probably shouldn’t have checked back to this thread.

Fish. Ice cream. Peekabo. Got it. Wilco.

Now I should post about it in GQ, right?

Yeah, you should find out whether Manny would rather the fish were livebearers or egglayers. Or Egyptian mouthbreeders, Adam Weishaupt.