Apparently I laugh too loud

Fri nite,after dinner,CG and I decide we want to go to a late movie and go see “How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days”. We buy our tix and go find a seat. The theatre is incredibly crowded and the only place we can find two seats together is between a spanish couple and a group of about 4 or 5 15 year olds who are giggling and pointing and doing other asshatty teenage girls things.They yakk and giggle and point all through the ‘pre-show entertainment’ and the previews,which although annoying,I don’t mind too much.They continue (although quieter than before)to yakk,point and giggle throughout the film. Fine. It’s loud enough for me to notice but not loud enough for me to give two ferret shits. Halfway through the movie, the girl seated next to me pokes me in the arm several times. I turn to her and ask her what she wants. She informs me, in her ‘I’m very serious so take me seriously’ voice that I’m laughing too loud and I need to be quieter. I kind of mumble something that sounds like “Ok” and turn back around. I had no idea one could laugh too loudly, so in order to keep from offending her further,I stifle my giggles and place one hand in front of my mouth to further block any sound that may pass forth from my lips. I tried…really hard…to not laugh but what can a gal do? It’s a COMEDY for chrissakes! One donkey bray manages to escape my mouth and the girl makes a very huffy sound like her subscription to Teen Vogue has just been canceled and I notice out of the corner of my eye that she has crossed her arms in a belligerent fashion.Five minutes later she gets up and moves to an empty aisle seat on the other end of her group of friends because I have offended her again with my too-loud laughter.
How can somebody laugh too loudly? At a movie that’s a COMEDY for crying out loud?
Am I that offensive with my laughter or was s he just being an asshyatty spoilt american princess?


This is when you should of laughed the loudest.

You should have just ignored her, she was being a bitch.

Laughing at a funny movie?!? What’s the matter with you? People like you are the reason that society is going to hell in a handbasket.:rolleyes:
Some people (like this little teeny-ager) need a really big helping of “get over yourself.”

This kind-of happened to Jim and I once - we were watching “Kung Pow - Enter the Fist”, and we were enjoying it so much that we were obviously the ones laughing the longest and hardest in the theatre. No one seemed to mind, but it made us a little self-conscious. But it was so damned funny…

Now come one folks, none of us has actually heard him/er laugh to make the call but it is possible for someones laugh to be too loud or annoying.

Stinkpalm: she may have been laughing loudly, but it’s not for anyone to judge her for it. She can’t help how loudly she laughs. She wasn’t saying “I was deliberatly laughing loudly”. Not everyone laughs in the same way or at the same volume, and if I was sitting next to IDBB I would just put up with it, rather than bitching.

I wanted to ask about this movie. I haven’t seen it, but I have seen advertisements for it, some of which include footage of the Staten Island ferry; does part of the film take place on Staten Island?

Its okay…Apparently I laugh just like Spongebob Squarepants according to everyone else.

You can’t control how loud you laugh so someone else who paid money to see a movie should put up with it? If you have an irritating laugh and you are laughing loudly there is nothing out of line with someone asking you to quiet down.

Well, let’s just say I disagree. OK, if the girl next to her found her laughter irritating then she could have discreetly moved to a different seat. Personally, I wouldn’t have complained, after all when you go to a movie there are far worse sins committed by some other people.

No way of knowing in this instance - but yes, there are people who produce very loud and sometimes bizarre patterns of laughter which are distracting or annoying. Just as there are people who talk very loudly, or have exaggerated, extremely loud sneezes.

Some of them probably can’t help it (well, a number of the sneezers anyway), but I suspect it’s a form of exhibitionism and/or rudeness in many.

These comments were not intended as criticism of any real-life SDMB members, living or dead.

I think that this was part of IDBB problem, that the girls were disrupting the film themselves and then complaining about how IDBB laughs.

I think it was the hypocrisy of them that wound her up more than the actual statement that she laughs too loud. Of course I might be wrong but when I’ve paid money to see a film I kind of like to watch and listen to it without undue interuption.

In conclusion to my second ever post on these boards, no, none of us know what IDBB laugh is like but she pointed out that these girls had been doing plenty to warrant her doling out the same treatment to them had she so chosen.

Earl–yes.Part of the film(a very FUNNY part)takes place on Staten Island.
And yes,gothelen(welcome by the way),that’s what really pissed me off.We were near the front (due to the crowdedness of the theatre)and I happened to notice several times that the girls would groan,drool and swoon whenever Matthew McCoungehey(sp?)would do something relatively sexy and they actually BOOED(quietly)the blonde chick who’s in that movie(what’s her name?Kate Hudson?) when she did things that were incredibly funny(ex.naming her boyfriend’s penis Princess Sophie).
Besides…I should’ve known better.The mall where we saw the movie is often rife with these little asshats in the making,both of the female and male persuasion.
As a mall employee,I deal with this every day.But after having dealt with crap like that all day on Fri, I guess I shouldn’t have expected decent treatment from anyone who wasn’t getting paid to be nice to me(like the waiter at Red Lobster).


Whoops,it should have said…“they actually BOOED(quietly) and threw popcorn at the blonde chick who’s in that movie”.
My bad.


hell, I am just impressed that IDBB could tell that the couple was from Spain just by looking at them.

Ugh, I’d much rather have to put up with “too loud laughter” than with (as some recent threads have mentioned) kids screaming, jumping around in the aisles etc, or some person with a dying-should-be-home-in-bed-hacking-bringing-up-blood cough, or the dreaded and gag producing “SNORKKKK”.

Personally, I find people with loud or even “odd” laughter make me laugh even MORE at outings like movies or plays.

But, that’s just me.

Baboon (can I call you that?), perhaps they were speaking in Spanish? Just a thought…

I agree with the OP. Nothing I hate more than people trying to make me quit laughing. I have an annoying laugh… rather, had. I have been made fun of numerous times by people who thought it would be a good idea to mimic me. Why would somebody do that? I feel as if I have been castrated. I don’t feel as comfortable laughing as I once was… and I feel a burning hatred for those who have made me suppress happiness… because that is exactly what they have done. There is nothing more liberating than a good laugh.

Regardless of type of laugh, volume, pitch, etc., I find it very easy to smile or laugh along with someone, as long as they are happy.

IDBB… if you ever come across the same situation, tell them to go fuck themselves. Laugh on.

I woulda looked at her - grinned, then laughed long and loud - turning occassionally to do it in her face. But hey, thats just me :smiley: