Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!

People of the world: Please shut the hell up when you’re at the movies!! Shut up!!! If you want to react to the movie, and laugh, and gasp, and scream, great, but otherwise, shut up!!! I did not pay a $5 matinee price or $8 full price to hear you chat with your date, or yell commments at the screen. This is not your living room. If you feel that compelled to talk during movies, what for the fucking home video release.

And mothers, stop taking infants to movies. They will not be able to stay in the dark for 90 minutes to two hours, with frequent loud noises from the screen, and not make noise. Children under the age of 4 or 5 have no business in movie theaters. Sorry if it puts a crimp in your fucking social life, but if you make the choice to have children, you have to make adjustments, and you do not have the right to deprive others of the full value of their entertainment dollar by bringing your screaming offpsring to the theater.

I used to know a woman (her daughter was a friend of mine) who was one of those horrible people that take screaming children into resturants and movies. (She has eleven children.) She would do nothing to quiet them. If anyone dared to complain, she would lecture them on motherhood and its rights. Since she didn’t believe in disciplining children, she saw nothing wrong with the kids crawling under other patron’s tables, running around screaming, or throwing food.

On my birthday last year, they offered to take me out to lunch. Right at the table, she pulled up her blouse and started breast-feeding her baby. No subtlety . . . no blanket over the shoulder. Just her bare chest and a baby clamped to it, glaring at people who stared.


** Name has been changed to protect the guilty.*

Well, there you have it, folks. PLD and C3, self-appointed rulers of the world, dictating what the rest of the planet must do, or not do, to make their lives comfortable.

And yet, by waiting for the home release or eating only at Mickey Dee’s as they dictate the rest of the planet should do, they could have that very comfort they proclaim as their desire.

What does that mean Monty … do you think that people should have every right to run their insipid pie-holes during a movie? Or take their shreiking post-fetii to a nice restaurant?
I sure don’t.

Were we all not at one time a screaming infant in a film house ourselves?

Time for a mommy to respond.

My kids don’t go to movies unless they’re geared for a child. If some asshole goes to a matinee of Tarzan expecting silence, he’s too stupid to live and deserves walking into a theatre full of ill-behaved brats (and then my two, staring wild-eyed at the kids acting up).

We can pretty much tell when one of the kids is in a loud mood. Hell, we don’t even go to McDonalds then. Quick trip through the drive-thru, and we’re gone. We’ve sat in some very nice restaraunts with a 2 and six year old that were being perfectly quiet and good, and STILL had some self-righteous child-hating asshole try to have us or him moved just out of the chance that they MIGHT act up.

Give me a break.

Course, I want to strangle people with screaming kids in big people movies and restaraunts. Yes, it’s situational. Keep that in mind.

Don’t freakin cringe and be nasty to people with children in public. Not all of us are stupid, and not all children are awful, and I’ll take them anywhere I please if I know they’re going to behave.


If the baby was clamped to her chest, then it wasn’t really bare, was it?

Unless you mean to suggest that both breasts were out of her shirt and the unoccupied one was simply hanging there? That, of course, would be unacceptable. But apart from that… tits were made for feeding babies.


Don’t meddle in the affairs of dragons, cuz, like, you’re crunchy
and taste good with ketchup.

Phil’s got a legitimate gripe, of course. That gripe goes both ways. If you don’t want to deal with kids, don’t go to places that cater to them.

KOA (Kampgrounds of America) is a family-oriented business. Don’t know if they still use Family Circus as a logo, but they used to. Four years ago we were camping at a KOA outside of Yellowstone Park. Youngest Son, then five years old, had “night terrors” in the middle of the night, started screaming and shouting around 3 a.m. Not much you can do at that point; you can’t even wake 'em up. All you can do is hold 'em and comfort 'em and wait for 'em to get over it.

Next campsite over was some biker idiot and his chick. Not friendly, ignored everyone’s attempts to be sociable. Obviously, Youngest Son had woken him up. From his tent we hear “Shut that kid the fuck up!”

Hey, if you don’t wanna deal with kids, don’t camp at a KOA!

-Mommy Melin

I’m a woman phenomenally
Phenomenal woman
That’s me
(Maya Angelou)

“… tits were made for feeding babies.”

Yes, and anuses were made for defecating – but that doesn’t mean one should use them in public.

Yesterday some woman was actually breast-feeding her baby in the store where I work – roughly three feet from my face while I wrote up her sales slip. Believe me, you could see EVERYTHING. I have nothing against babies. I have nothing against breast feeding. But it should be done in private, for cryin’ out loud. Either feed the kid before you go out, or take a bottle with you. It’s not so hard.


Monty’s a MORMON?

Oh…well THAT explains it!


Don’t meddle in the affairs of dragons, cuz, like, you’re crunchy
and taste good with ketchup.

You know, it all depends on the baby and the baby’s mood. We took our little guy to see “Rush Hour” when he was, I think, about one. He was fascinated and stayed quiet for the whole thing. We also take him to restaurants, and if he starts complaining, one of us walks him out to the lobby or outside for a while so the other can eat.

C3: no, you idiotic liar, it does not.

Stoi: what the hey do you mean by your stupid remark? BTW I posted a legitimate historian’s take on your stupid stance about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Got any guts? Anser the freaking questions–this time with facts and cites.

Very simple, C3; your statement above that my religion baptizes people against their will. That’s a lie and as the one who uttered it, you know it’s a lie. That’s idiocy.

You know, it’s not usually like the parents bring the screaming kids into the restaurant. Or on the airplane. The parents bring the kids, hoping the kids will be well behaved. Some kids are, for the whole meal. Some kids hit their patience quota, and become obnox. But at that point, there’s not much the parent can do. Walk up and leave the restaurant without paying, having ordered the food? Hardly. Spank the kid or yell at the kid? Oh, yeah, that’ll sure have the kid keep quite – that’ll only make the crying and screaming worse. The reasonable parents are usually as embarrassed as you are, and they’re meal has been ruined as well… far worse than yours, I assure you.

People such as Lissa describe, of course, are in a different category altogether – that’s just jerk. I agree with pld, small kids don’t belong in adult or teen level movies. Neither do cell phones or beepers, for that matter, but they’re all there.

And let’s not focus just on kids. My mother is 86, she loves to go with us to the movies, but she can’t hear well when the characters mumble, so she can easily lose the plot… and we need to whisper to her. We try to do it quietly and carefully, but we’re stuck. We’re sorry if you’re sitting behind us and it bothers you, and we hope you’re understanding enough to forgive us, and to hope that others forgive you when you start to lose your hearing as you age.

I was once guilty of bringing a screaming baby on an airplane. I’m sure everyone was irritated or even enraged, but I promise I was far more unhappy than they were. The only reason I was there with my baby was because my father was on his deathbed 1200 miles away and I desperately wanted to get to him before it was too late.

I don’t understand why so many parents allow their kids to act like rabid ferrets in public, but I try to look at it this way: I’m HAPPY when I’m out to eat with my husband and some obnoxious child is pitching a tantrum in the restaurant. Why? Because it’s not my kid. I think to myself, HA! a kid is screaming, and it’s NOT MY KID. Hooray!

For my part, I don’t take my kids to places where they are likely to disturb others. I can’t enjoy myself in a nice place anyway if I’m so paranoid that the kids are going to misbehave. Why do parents take kids to fancy restaurants and pay high prices for food the kids won’t eat anyway?

Then you have oversimplified and made an incorrect (unsafe) assumption, C3. Your commetn above says Mormons baptize people against their will. Mormons don’t.

The issue to which you refer is the one of performing a ceremony by a living person on behalf of a deceased person. And it’s definitely not what Melin said in the post you quoted.

Yet again you show you’ve learned nothing.

C3: you truly are out there on the limits of the reality wagon, aren’t you? You said above that my “religion baptizes people against their will.” Now you’re switching to another ceremony and trying to equate the actions. Try to follow me here; it’s a thought called Logical Progression. There’s two ceremonies: baptism, and baptism for the dead. Got it?

Now getting back to the accusation of not having consideration. So far, that’s really you. You’ve shown that far too well on the school prayer thread.

Okay, C3; I’ll probably regret asking you this, but I really want to know your take on one thing.

What do you think of the Catholics, Orthodox, Methodists, and a few others baptizing infants? Is that consideration, or is it “baptizing people against their will?”

OH COME OFF IT, YOU GUYS. You’re worse than the crying babies. I came to this thread expecting a discussion/flaming of crying kids in restaurants and people talking in movies, and what do I get? Mormon bashing.

There are already far too many threads devoted to how evil and wicked and horrible the nasty dirty Mormons are, so if that’s what you want to post, then take your hate-mongering idiocies and post them on those threads. That way people (like me) don’t have to stumble across such venom in threads like this.

Contestant, your self-serving hypocrisy comes thru again.

It’s OK to bring an infant on an airplane, even though it may cry, but it’s not OK to bring little kids into a restaurant, even though they might misbehave?

Sheeesh. Under your never-run-the-risk-of-disturbing-others, you’d forbid all teenagers from movie theatres (they often talk and laugh inappropriately)… anyone who’s slightly hard of hearing or might get confused by a plot subtlety and have to ask his/her companion for clarification… anyone who coughs or sneezes…

No one should be allowed in a restaurant who might drop or spill stuff, either. The loud noise is very distracting. Nor people who are hard of hearing, because their dining companions often have to talk loud, which is very disturbing.

Hey, man, you don’t wanna be around people? Don’t go out. Restaurants deliver. Movies can be rented. You never need to leave your house… and the rest of us would probably be happier, as well.