Apparently I missed the season finale of JAG

I don’t even like the show, but my husband loves it and so I catch a few minutes here and there. Well, this season ended with a 2 or 3 part story of which I saw bits and peices. The last thing I saw was Mac being held hostage while pretending to be pregnant. There was an arrogant CIA guy who needed to get punched in the worse way and Harm acting in his usual dog-in-the-mangerish jerklike manner.

Does anybody know what happened?

Webb was being tortured by some radical Islamic hostage-holder in South America; the female half of a missionary team blabbed Webb and Mac’s secret and then the terrorist guy killed them both; Mac was just about to take his place when Harm and Gunney arrived; Harm had resigned his post at the JAG office to go down there and rescue them; and that’s about as much as I can recall.

So Webb is dead? I just wanted him punched out. I guess you can’t be a jerk for too long on JAG (unless your Harm). I predict that Harm will again blow off Mac, leaving her twisting in the wind as always and get the Congressional Medal of Honor while he’s at it.

No, Webb is not dead…yet.
Harm and Mac found a Mennonite German farmer with a cropdusting plane and some handy dynamite and went and bombed the truck with the Stinger missiles. Then their plane crashed after being hit by small arms fire.
Webb was being driven by Gunny to seek medical aid when they are stopped by an Army patrol because their vehicle is all shot up. The officer in charge won’t let them go unless Gunny tells him the truth.

Minor Hijack - as JAG is opposite Buffy, I haven’t watched first run episodes, just the reruns on USA. I have seen the eps leading up to Mac’s wedding several times… I keep missing part II after Harm and Skates eject into the ocean…
what happened?


Mac is so visibly concerned about Harm and so obviously in love with him that Brumby knows he can’t compete and calls off the wedding and goes back to Australia.

Well Harm sure made it hard for Mac to marry Brumby. It was he who planted that “it could be us” seed in her head, only to unceremoniously dump her. That dog in the manger mentality of his.

I must be the only one who thinks Harm is a sanctimonious weasle.

I don’t know if you’re the only one, but I don’t agree with you.