Hell's Kitchen 2-5

The other HK thread specifically asks for no spoilers and I don’t see one for todays ep.

so, spoilers ahead for ep:

I wish that Gordon would have the woman that burnt her hand and had to go and Ji (with the hurt ankle) back on a season. They were both decent and it would be interesting to see them get to compete. I was sad to see Ji go, b/c she seemed to work like a rock.

Ahhhhh, Lacey and Colleen—Both of you have the right to shut up…but neither one of you have the ability. You could teach every TV villain about how to be “the person you love to hate”.
And a question–the local station went down or something right as Lacey went to go bawl and whine for (did I actually hear it correctly later?) SIX HOURS and picked up as Seth was being stalkery with Gordon. What was the deal with Robert not getting to have fun on Catalina? I missed about five/ten minutes.

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Yup, she was upstairs for six hours before coming down last minute to help.

Robert didn’t get to have fun on Catalina because they took a helicopter over, and we was too heavy for their insurance limit (which topped out at 300? 350? He weighs 400 something I think he said. I wasn’t paying too close attention at that point.)

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Gordon does not like the heavy chefs. I actually bought the book “Humble Pie” for a fellow fan for Christmas. I read it first; I told her I would, she’s not a big reader type and she loved it. (It’s really like a pamphlet, From what I read, it’s part of a UK series that is to get more people to read, so short life story sorts of things.)

He said he got heavy after his knee injury that kept him from being a soccer guy and had a chef that made him get out and run. It’s cheap to buy, I think besides shipping my copy was about two bucks and fun for fans.

However, creepy Seth was a bit much. (I knew Gordon was married, knew his wife does her own cooking stuff, knew he had at least one ridiculous sportscar, and knew he had kids. Number of? Names? Types of cars? No idea.)

I don’t like how personal it got this time. Sure, Colleen sucks apparently, but it seems like he holds her to a different standard than the other team members. I’ve seen him do the same with so called “executive chefs”. I can see his point, but it doesn’t seem fair to me. And I thought what happened to Robert was inexcusable. If they knew he was going to have to turn and go back, he should have been given another compensation. I thought that was very mean-spirited and really made me suspect everything I see now on Hell’s Kitchen as being a way for Ramsey to use the show as a platform for things he has a bias against (cooking school teachers and fat guys in this episode). And what happened to Ji? How did she hurt her ankle? I missed that, all I knew is that she was hurt, but didn’t see what happened. The end seemed really staged, like they already knew she would have to leave, so made more tv drama by having her volunteer.

She slipped. Just a horrible accident thing. Twisted her ankle. They tried to show it, but it didn’t really show anything. She was walking… then almost fell. It seemed like just an awful horribly timed accident. She had a medic icing her up. She worked that full shift in real pain.

Can I just repeat what I said last week? I hate Lacey.

The whole thing with Colleen… okay, she irritates me (not as much as Lacey, but she does) but I wonder what sort of cooking school does she run?

They keep mentioning it but is she selling herself as a teacher of people to work the line in a kitchen? Or is she selling herself as a teacher of home cooking skills? Stuff like being able to make well balanced meals that taste good and won’t kill your family. The whole ‘And I teach manners too’ thing makes me think that.

If it’s the latter, then she got herself in way over her head here. If the former, then I agree with Ramsey. She’s ripping off her students.

Lacey needs to go. I don’t care if she got her shit together and became a ‘team player’ again. She sat on her ass for six hours while everyone else was busting it in the kitchen.

Colleen…yeah she’s incompetent in a professional kitchen but I don’t think her school would stay in business very long if she was that bad there.

I hate Robert. I really do because he’s a dick, plain and simple. But I agree what Ramsey did was plain despicable.

Whoever comes up with these rewards needs to take everyone into consideration. I don’t like Robert much, but that shit was just wrong. Are you telling me nobody realized the ferryboat trip was going to take up all his fun time?

I thought it was great that Seth knew all about Ramsey. If I was going to be on the show, I’d read all Ramsey’s books, and learn how to cook risotto and Wellingtons.

The show’s going to be a lot more boring after Lacey goes. When Ji told that other girl to stay and win it, I was looking at the other girl and wondering, “Who’s she?”

I don’t feel too bad for what happened to Robert. The planned trip was a helicopter ride. They’ve done helicopter rides before, so I doubt they planned this one knowing that Robert would be left out just to screw him. By the time the ferry got him there, the excursion was over. Is it the show’s fault Robert wasn’t on the chopper? Is it society’s fault, as Robert whined about in his talking head interview? No.

Ji- the hell? It was a sprained ankle. She was acting like her foot had been lopped off with a carving knife. Pop a few Advil and man up.

J always refers to himself in the 3rd person. ** corkboard** doesn’t like that.

If I recall correctly, I think she said she runs a recreational cooking school. She’s not teaching chefs, she’s teaching laypeople.

Robert is a bit annoying, but he seems competent and calm. I’d like to see him succeed.

Off-topic questions: Who are the diners in Hell’s Kitchen? Is it an actual restaurant that just sometimes has a TV show being filmed there? Or is it a TV set, where the diners are brought in specially? Are the diners warned that dinner service may be slow or incomplete?

Does Hell’s Kitchen serve dessert?

I recall from the first season that the diners are usually friends, family, contacts, etc. of the production staff and crew.

They do serve dessert. They just don’t bother to show it because the desserts are usually prepared during prep and just finished - torching the brulee, adding fresh fruit garnish, etc. - before service; so there’s nothing interesting happening that would warrant the screen time.

Depends on how bad the sprain was. I’ve had some that I was able to tape, take an OTC painkiller and hobble through, but I’ve had some that required six weeks with no weight on it. The latter, you’re not going to be physically able to work through, no matter how motivated you are.

Yeah, it looked to me - judging by the poor camera angle and how little she actually moved during the accident - that she might have “rolled” the ankle outwards, which can hurt like nobody’s business depending on how you do it.

I agree that it wasn’t Ramsay’s “fault” about the helicopter but he was mean about the rest of it - “oh of course we want you along, just take the ferry” and then Robert finally shows up and they say all done, back on the ferry now. :smack: On the other other hand, you’ve got to know by now that Ramsay is pretty nasty to fat chefs before you sign up to be on this show.

I was pretty surprised to see him accept Ji’s resignation. I was expecting a big motivational speech about how she clearly has what it takes and shouldn’t let a twisted ankle stop her, but the reality of how the show is produced means that while we wait another week for the next episode, she won’t be able to be resting and healing for a week.

Hopefully that he let her keep the jacket means we’ll see her next season.

It’s apparent that Colleen doesn’t have much ability in the kitchen, despite holding herself up as a teacher. If she’s taking $300+ from people, but doesn’t know enough not to put sugar into spaghetti, she needs to go.

The guy from Chicago (Ben?) seems to know his stuff and showed some ability to run a kitchen. If he doesn’t screw up, he’s my pick to win.

For those of you wondering about Colleen I found a story about her in the Omaha paper. It turns out her speciality is teaching home cooks and she’s actually never worked on a line like in Hell’s Kitchen. Here is a segment from the story.
**Though she’d waited tables, she’d never worked in a restaurant kitchen. She’d taken cooking classes. Her training had mostly come from cookbooks and practice. And while few doubted her passion or enthusiasm, many still doubted her ability.

So Cleek hired Cory Guyer, then sous chef at M’s Pub, as the Classy Gourmet’s executive chef. She leaned on him, learned from him and began enticing other local chefs to teach.

Though some derided the school as something less than serious about food, the Classy Gourmet became — and remains — a soft landing for chefs in between jobs.

And those guest chefs drew not just home cooks but culinary professionals. Even Trebbien, a nationally certified culinary administrator and educator, took classes there.

Brian O’Malley, chef instructor at the culinary institute at Metro, taught and did some catering at the Classy Gourmet in 2003. He recalled Cleek as energetic, driven and personable — with a fierce work ethic.

“We’d be out at a catering event for 20 hours and we’d get back to the shop, and it was no dump-and-run,” he recalled. “She’d be washing everything up and putting it all away. . . . She’s always got another hour in her.”

O’Malley credits Cleek for filling an educational void locally for good home cooks who want to become gourmet cooks. Cleek considers time spent with guest chefs those first two years as her culinary boot camp. She stood at their elbows. She wrote recipes and prep cooked for them. She soaked it all up.

One night, when a guest chef couldn’t make it, Cleek led a class. Emboldened, she offered her own down-home cooking series. Everything flowed from there.

Her classes, held nights when most chefs couldn’t leave restaurants, started to fill.

She offered herself to local media as a cooking source. She taped her own “Classy Gourmet Cooking Show,” got it on local cable and passed copies of it to anyone who’d take one.

She started writing recipes and, eventually, food columns for local magazines.

She still seriously considered culinary school. But when she weighed the time commitment and tuition, she decided she’d rather pour the money and effort into her Web site.

“I’ve never looked back,” she said. “And I do call myself a chef now.”
In late 2006, “Hell’s Kitchen” e-mailed the Classy Gourmet and culinary schools across the country inviting chefs to apply.

After ignoring several e-mails — and after her children clarified that this was “the show you won’t let us watch because the guy curses” — Cleek sent in a short application.**

And it seems she wasn’t even that eager to appear on the show in the first place.

**When “Hell’s Kitchen” staff wanted more information, Cleek balked. She didn’t have time for a 30-page questionnaire. She sent them video of her show. When they wanted her to buy a ticket to Los Angeles or Denver to meet the producers, she declined.

When she finally agreed to a Chicago meeting in April 2007, she showed up with her knives, expecting to cook privately for Ramsay. But she ended up standing in line for about eight hours to interview and felt like a fool.

After more false starts — calls that sounded promising followed by weeks of silence, and one week in Los Angeles with a few dozen other finalists and no guarantees — she was selected as a contestant and told taping would be in L.A. in early 2008. On Nov. 3, 2007, she got her ticket and a surprise in the mail: She was leaving in four days for who knew how long.**

That’s what I thought.

The article joebuck20 makes it sound like she wasn’t that interested in the first place. Why the hell did she send an application then? She’s over her head in this, which just makes it look worse.

What I don’t understand is how by now any contestant hasn’t practiced the heck out of the HK menu. It really doesn’t seem to change much. There’s always risotto, Wellington, John Dory. There’s no excuse for getting there and not knowing how to do risotto.

I remember from last year that the teams get binders with all the recipes and directions the night before the first competition (remember how the women could name all the dished and the guys couldn’t name one?) There’s a pretty limited menu. Why do the always seem clueless?


I wonder if they try to pick people who are not too familiar with the show. I doubt anyone picked Lacey thinking she had a chance in hell of winning. It’s not like Top Chef where contestants are mostly picked (apparently) on talent. These people, I think, are picked mostly on personality and some contestants (there is ALWAYS a really fat guy) are picked so Ramsey has someone to make dramatic, horrid fun of. I think Jimmy (Dirty Dish Jimmy or something like that ) from one of the past seasons is the one heavy guy that managed to prevail over being picked for being big and actually did a decent job.