Apparently Joe Arpaio wasn't man enough for Steven Seagal...

…so he’s off to Russia to hang out with Vladimir Putin. I’ve got no problem with Putin’s basic idea, FWIW.

I guess it would depend on exactly what Putin’s basic idea was. What is it?

See the article. Basically he’s calling for a revival of a Soviet mass phys ed program to get kids in shape, minus the ideological elements. So long as he’s sincere about that last bit, it’s all good so far as I’m concerned, though the article suggests it may be a distraction from the money sink at Sochi.

If Putin is recruiting Seagal to head up his phys ed program, I’m guessing the most recent Seagal movie he’s seen is Above the Law.

I don’t click on links without some idea of what’s in them. It would be helpful if you offered enough information in your post to summarize the relevant facts.


Still don’t understand why people do this. What horrible thing happened when you used to not do this?

At random times, horrible screams of anguish from various cubes around the office, followed by the smell of ozone and singed hair.

You can link to shit that’s unsafe for work or home, that crashes your browser, that plays obnoxious advertisements, or that loads your computer with malware.

  1. If you are presenting information in some forum of communication, whether online or not, it’s your responsibility to offer that information within the four corners of your post. Make an effort. It’s no different than having a face-to-face conversation with someone. You say something. You don’t just direct people to some reference.

  2. It doesn’t matter whether anything horrible has ever happened. Certainly things have shown up on screen that I didn’t want to be seen by others. I don’t know what might be in a link or not, or whether there might be viruses or not. I often read at work or in a public place.

  3. Props, Opal.

  4. If it’s a fucking loud noise or Rickrolling, then save it for some board for eighth graders.

  5. But most of all, I want to be able to decide in advance whether to spend my time reading a link, or, especially, viewing a video. Tell me in advance what it is, and then I’ll decide whether it’s worth my time to look at it.

I think goatse cured people of blindly clicking on links without some idea of what they were first.

Yeah really, I looked at the link and he’s way out of shape. Should have gotten van Damne, who I have no idea if he’s still in shape or not.

Kill everyone in Russia who isn’t Russian?