Apparently There's Going to Be a Family Guy Movie

According to IMDB, a Family Guy movie is in pre-production.


A quick search failed to yield conclusive results, but it looks like I’m the first to mention this. I’m surprised this hasn’t been all over the SDMB. Or, maybe it has been all over the SDMB and I’m the last to know.


This has been rumored for a good many months, but AFAIK, talk of the movie ended once it was clear the series was going back into production. Until it comes from Seth’s own lips, I’m rating this one as “unlikely.”

There will definitely be a Family Guy CD later this year, however.

Family Guy is coming back for a 4th season summer 2005 (due to the success of the DVD sales I believe) but before this was announced they had planned on a movie.

I reckon if there ever will be a movie it’ll be after season 4 at least.

BTW, have a read of the comments posted on IMDB for a good laugh !


I’d rather see (in this order):

-A Futurama movie

-Another South Park movie

-A Simpsons movie

Then if all three of those did well I guess I’d be ok with a Family Guy movie.

The problem with things like this is that if they made a FG movie and it bombed, the superior shows would either have underfunded movies or no movies at all.

Talk about a fright. When reading the headline, my brain replaced “Guy” with “Circus”. :eek:

Futurama I’d love to see, but I doubt it.

South Park is probably never going to happen. The Creators said it was too much of a pain in the ass to deal with the studio. They are, however, doing other projects. Namely Team America: World Police.

I’ve been hearing Simpsons rumors for years, but I won’t believe it until I see it. I was somewhat disturbed by the rumor that Bart will lose his virginity in the movie, considering he’s only 10(if they age him at least 5 years, then it won’t be an issue).

No, if this happened, than the superior show would have had a movie that bombed.

Actually, the movie’s still “go.” And [url="]Fox is scheduled air a Family Guy marathon Aug. 18 - Aug. 25th.

And some people claim that Satan doesn’t exist.

The link says the movie is “in the works,” but unlike the other stuff doesn’t give any dates.

*HeyHomie, this has been discussed once or twice before, but probably in other threads devoted to Family Guy, not just the movie.


The wistful feeling I had at the prospect of a SuperMarionation™-free Thunderbirds was just vapourized. Clearly there is only room for one SuperMarionation™ blockbuster, and all things considered, Matt and Trey are just the boys to put on Jerry and Silvia Anderson’s sequined shoes and track Golden Topping all over the carpet.

That’s going to kick.

Any Family Guy movie needs to have Lois drunk and naked, and Stewie spitefully hurling the contents of his diaper at all and sundry. (Not necessarily in the same scene.)

Family Guy movie?

Giggidy giggidy giggidy! Awwwwww right!

Some months ago, I read an interview where Seth said they were considering releasing some of the new material early on DVD in order to keep interest stoked until the new shows air. That seems far more likely than a feature-length original story—with both Family Guy and American Dad in production I can’t imagine they have time to do a feature.

Moreover, the linked article only mentions the “movie” in passing and has nothing from Seth or anyone else about what it will be, so I think we need to hear something more definitive.