Apple Core

Apple core!



Who’s your friend?

[D.Duck]Who’s it for?[/D.Duck]


(No, I’m not saying “Me!”)


When I was in school, the response to “Apple core!” was “Dominore!” I have no idea where that came from; it must have been a local variant. It was Catholic school (and the days when mass was still in Latin), so maybe it was somehow derived from dominus.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the ritual in cartoons, and it’s not like I haven’t watched my share.

My ONLY familiarity with this is from a Disney short featuring Donald Duck and Chip & Dale. I forget which chipmunk was the protagonist in the applecore scenes, but it went like this:

Chip or Dale: Applecore!
Donald Duck: Who’s it for?
Chip or Dale: Who’s your friend?
Donald Duck: [pause to think] Me!

Applecore is then splatted into Donald Duck’s face.

Until now, this was my only familiarity with the whole applecore thing. You can imagine how little sense it ever made to me. It still doesn’t make any sense to me, but at least I now know it has roots outside of the short. Incidentally, the short’s name? “Donald Applecore.” Yes, “Donald Applecore.”

It’s just a dopey kids’ game – a bunch of you are hanging out. Someone is eating an apple. The apple is finished, and only the core remains. The eater shouts out, “Applecore!” The first person to respond, “Baltimore” get’s asked, “Who’s your friend?” The respondee then calls out the name of any of the other kids present, who then gets the applecore thrown at them.

That’s it. Or at least, that’s all I remember from my summer camp days. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, in real life, there are no talking chipmunks involved then?

I didn’t say that, did I? :smiley:

I’m pretty sure the Disney short uses “Baltimore!” as well.

Googling suggests you’re absolutely correct. I’m shocked… one of those false memory things.

Thank goodness, though, because “Baltimore” makes so much more sense.

Unless you take the wrong turn at Albuquerque!


Apple Dual Core!!

I always thought they were saying “many more”. Now I look stupid.

Orange seeds!

watches as the joke goes whooshing over her head Oooh, shiny…

[hijack]You’ll never get to Pismo Beach that way![/hijack]


I was wondering about the era and location…
Apple core, dominore, who’s your friend, he is… and toss the apple core…
this i learned at Page Military School in Los Angeles in 1946…