Apprentic 10/28/04

Okay – it’s everyone’s favorite day of the week!

Tonight, the teams promote the NYPD. Kind of a weird task – I wonder what it will involve. (“Got a stiff on the sidewalk? Got a bum to roust? Got hookers on the corner? Call us!”) (And, BTW, we never got around to discussing last week’s task as an assignment – “do something involving dogs” – WTF? No sponsors available?) It seems like kind of a weird way to tie in the city government, but I’m not sure what other department they could have used that would have made more sense from both a business and TV point of view.

So – Mosaic or Apex? Will Andy’s string of luck run out? or Maria’s? Who’s going tonight?

And what happens to make this Board Room unique in the annals of Apprenticedom?

Probably nothing. None of the other promos have panned out. “Don’t annoy George?” Was George annoyed? I sure didn’t see it.

Or maybe, two people will be fired this week. They started with 18 instead of 16. Does anyone know if the season will run longer or if there will be some multi-firing weeks, a la Survivor?

(And I’m guessing Andy will get the boot. He’s been pretty ineffective, and has only hung around because Trump was interested in him. Another big screw-up, and he’s gone.)

I’ll guess that whoever is the leader that inspires mid-task rebellion will get fired. Whether it is deserved or not, the firings so far seem more focused on “No one else likes this person so they can’t be a good leader” as opposed to “This person sucks monkey chow in general and I’d rather throw them off of Trump Tower but that’s illegal”.

I’ll guess Ivana for no good reason other than the fact that so far on this show she has come across as an annoying, incorrectly judgmental poor sport who would rather blame a 3rd party than take any responsibility for her own shortcomings.

The great thing is you can put any females name other then Jenn M. in the above statement and it works.

Yeah, I was definitely thinking “Why single out Ivana?” when I read that. :wink:

with Sandy gone, there is no reason to keep watching this show…

make that Stacy. :smack:

Is it me or does everybody want to be PM? I don’t know why, they almost always get fired.

Whoa, could Elizabeth have effed that up any worse? She was totally right, but she was unable to do a damn thing about it – even with Kevin on her side. It was like an object lesson on how many ways one person can go wrong on one task.

Hmmm Raj for the bad idea or Elizabeth for being the most ineffectual PM in history?

Raj: “Well, it’s not like anyone had any other ideas…” :wally

I’m hoping Raj for being an ASSHOLE, but Elizabeth, probably, for not keeping Raj in line.

What a nice contrast to Andy, who stuck confidently to his vision, and resisted Maria and Kelly (?)'s sexy, sexy, sexy. Good for him! He deserved that win.

Andy’s concept rocked. It made me want to join the NYPD.

I mentioned Kelly’s power move in the other thread. I think he’s gonna win.

The women’s “sexy” approach was idiocy. You’re trying to appeal to men and women, and this is a professional job. Police are professional. If they tried another testicle ad (remember season one?), they would have lost. Good job by Andy.

Bad job by the other guys. Their ad scared the hell out of me.


That was cold!


Well, that WAS the most shocking board room ever!

I think Trump was pleased with Elizabeth’s boardroom picks, if we can interpret his face. But I think he did the right thing, because…duh.

Raj and Chris will be fired shortly, and with gusto.

Carolyn looked pissed that she didn’t get to give her opinion, though!

That was swift, but I guess it was a foregone conclusion. No sense wasting time if the decision is already made.