Arafat's Speech - Olive Branch

What is the meaning of Arafat’s infamous speech to the U.N.? “I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter’s gun. Do not let the Olive Branch fall from my hands.”

What does this mean? I think it has biblical conotations but not real sure. And it may have to do with the Palestenians being opressed?

Sorry if this has been asked before.

Entirely off the top of my head, its meaning is very clear - I am offering peace, but if things don’t go my way, our goals are backed with the threat of violence.

A similar sentiment has been expressed in Irish Republicanism in the form of (paraphrased) “an Armalite in one hand and a ballot paper in the other”, and in Roosevelt’s famous “speak softly but carry a big stick”

An olive branch was, in the Bible, what the dove brought back to the Ark to signify the waters receding after the flood (cringing at the current inappropriateness of this image), but later pertaining to peace. Not sure if the Ark mythology exists in Islam, however.

You want an interpretation of a speech given in 1988? This wouldn’t be a homework assignment, would it?

No it is not homework, I wish it was I dropped out of college, took my basics and can’t decide on a major. I was 4 when the speech was made so I don’t remember it to well. I just saw it as a sig on some other forum and was wondering the meaning. Thanks for the reply jjimm. And can someone expound on the use of the olive branch is it a sign of peace for Islam?