Arby’s new $10 “Meat Mountain”

How many calories?

Enough to sustain you for a week, I should think.

In fairness to Arby’s, from the article it sounds as though it was never meant to be an actual sandwich for sale. It was only supposed to be an advertising picture, but people started ordering it so they figured, what the heck, let’s sell it. Not that it lessens the gut wrench any, but at least it doesn’t sound like somebody at Arby’s actually thought this was a good idea… initially.

Can’t comment on meat mountain, unfortunately, but I did dine there tonight and chose the corned beef and turkey reuben. I was pleasantly surprised, mostly by the quality of both meats. I’ve had both the turkey and the corned beef reuben in the past and they weren’t that good. This was really good.

I’ve also tried the brisquit sandwich (without mayo, thank you very much) and it was flavorful, though the meat was a little dry.

I used to be a fan of their roast beef but started liking it less and less a few years back. Not sure if the recipe changed or my taste buds, but it just seems like salty cheap meat now.

The only guess online I’ve seen is around 1200.

Is this the same thing that they’re advertising with — “Arby’s. WE HAVE THE MEAT.” The announcer is the same type of voice as the Old Spice guy. I think it’s hysterical. Every time we hear the commercial, we all echo THE MEAT! Good fun.

Which is surprisingly low given the size of this thing. It’s the ‘healthy’ gut busting fast food.

Heh, this is our capitalist society to a T. Fast food places bow to health concerns and put lo-cal items on the menu. They don’t sell. So they go the exact opposite direction and put out Monster Burgers, Double Downs, and Meat Mountains, and they fly off the griddle. Just goes to show you, it’s not the fast food places that are making us fat and cancerous. It’s our own unrestrained gluttony.

Instead of two chicken tenders on top, they should replace the bun with a couple of deep fried chicken patties on top and bottom.

It’s everything that is wrong with society on a bun served under fluorescent lighting. Is it even real meet in Arbie’s sandwiches? I thought it was some kind of soylent green paste extruded from the tear ducts of genetically altered children.

Going by the numbers quoted in the OP, it’s 9 oz plus whatever the two chicken tenders, three half-slices of bacon, and two pieces of cheese weigh in at. I imagine the total is less than one of the largest steaks available at a typical steakhouse. A quick google shows 800-1300 calories in a 16oz steak.

It’s basically my calories for the weekend but what the heck - count me in.

Seriously, some of the meats are going to dominate others to the point where they basically disappear. The turkey, for example, won’t be something you can taste under all that other stuff.

The other day I was thinking to myself that the anti-health food trend had really abated recently. Glad to see it’s back since it’s usually good for a laugh.

And I hear the same answer, but in my own best pirate voice. (No, that’s not us, but that’s the book.)
I think the sandwich sounds horrible. And I further think that if they were going to do it, they should have left off the flat cheese slices and put a couple of their mozzarella sticks there instead. Have you guys tried these yet? They are evil, evil deliciousness. I mean, I’m a person who has been known to put salt on everything from pizza to a salad. These mozz sticks are so salty they actually burn my lips.

I didn’t like the cheese sticks.

The breading was okay but the cheese inside was hard and not melty enough.

But maybe I just got a bad batch.

1200 calories is about what FitnessPal and I came up with, independently. Deli-style meat may not be very good for you, but it doesn’t have an extravagant number of calories. It’s the cheese and fried stuff that gets you.

Nothing about it grosses me out. It’s just too much stuff. And I guess there’s truth to the comments about strong tastes overpowering the mild stuff. I’d rather have all that material properly separated into a couple of small sandwiches.

So, they should ahem ‘double down’ on their meatsanity?

This sandwich is everything I hate about Western culture, in edible form. Normally I have Guy Fieri for that, but this adds the franchise element that was missing.


Well, if that’s how they’re spelling it I’m skeptical.