Arby’s new $10 “Meat Mountain”

From a rather hostile review:

The article says it’s not on the menu but you can get it if you ask for it.

So, what’s the general Dopereaction to the above – are you drooling, or lurching towards the toilet, or going, “What, only two slices of cheese?!”

Yeeeeah. One little Arbys roast beef sandwich gives me the trots. I don’t want to think of the ammunition that monstrosity would provide.

I’d try it just for the heck of it.

Needs more Spam.

The hell? Over a half pound of meat and two chicken tenders on top of that?

Only way I’m getting one is if I can find someone to take half.

Eh,Looks like it’s about as much meat as the average Deli Pastrami or corned-beef sandwich these days.

Looks like a shotgun approach to sandwich making. The flavors really don’t appear to compliment the others, just more overpriced lunch meat topped with cheese food and chicken.

If I can get it without the corned beef, I’m in.

I could pick the sandwich apart and share it with Black Dog (my GSD/hound mix). After reading the linked article, I’ve come to the conclusion that author Lindsay Abrams is a judgmental, hyperboling food nazi and an asshole.

*Monday, Aug 25, 2014 01:28 PM CDT

Arby’s new $10 “Meat Mountain” will destroy us all

The secret menu item is a new low for fast food atrocities

  • Lindsay Abrams*

Obviously never heard of In ‘N’ Out’s 100 x 100.

Because it’s there…

One to eat there, and another to take home for later.

it’s no Sir Loin-A-Lot.

And where is the breaded fried fish filet?

There should be fried egg and a handful of fries and some vinegar slaw in there too.

And then flash-fry the whole fucker. Mmmm…

I didn’t know they had brisket. Is it any good?

It is about the same as everything else on their menu. Nothing I really dislike, but nothing worth going out of my way to get. It’s fast food brisket.

I like the cut of your jib!

The brisket I’ve had there this summer-- in the form of a Smokehouse Brisket Deluxe or whatever its name was-- was quite tasty.

With a couple of qualifiers-- I’m soooo not an expert on brisket. And anything served with as many toppings as the sandwich I ate (cheese, barbeque sauce, maybe some other sauce, pickles (ok, I provided those), fried onion strips . . . would be tasty.