Archive of Ridiculous Baby Care Instructions

From time to time someone on 4chan will post a picture from a series of “instructional” posters on baby care. For example “Games to Play With Baby” has the word “Good!” next to a drawing of a dad playing peekaboo with Baby, and “Bad!” next to a drawing of Dad and Baby across from each other over a chess board.

My BFF is going to be a dad soon, and I’m sure he’d get a kick out of those. Anyone know what website hosts the whole series?


I think those are from this book. You can also find them by googling “baby care joke instructions” the first 4 links are to the images.

For other amusing child care related items see James Lileks’ Mommy Knows Worst. There’s a link to the book on Amazon, which is worth checking out–the website is only shows a few of the entries.

I can also highly recommend the book Be Prepared for offering both humor and practical advice.

I just so happen to have that bookmarked— here you go: