Children's Book Titles You Are Unlikely To See...

Curious George Tests Shampoo

The Crackhouse at Pooh Corners

Peter Rabbit and the Shining Wire

The Little Engine That Gave Up

Green Eggs and Ham : The Food Poisoning Coloring Book

Three Little Pigs : Armed Response

The Hobo With The Open Sore

There was a joke passed along the internet with these types of titles. My favorite was Curious George and the Electrical Fence .

**You’re Different, and That’s Bad
Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
If You Give A Man A Blowjob
The Pie-Eyed Piper


And let’s not forget the truly horrible ones:
**The Song of the South


Heather Has Two Bombies

The Berenstain Bears in Basic Training

John Wayne Gacy’s Big Book of Clowns

The Ugly Duckling and Archetypal Body Image Issues

Goldilocks the Home Invader

Bambi & Thumper Meet the Taxidermist

** Mommy, It Hurts when I Pee**

Curious George’s Man and Superman
The Berenstain Bears and the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him)
Dora the Explorer and the Flowery Wars
The Magic Schoolbus and the Heat Death of the Cosmos
The Book of Virtues: The Exciting World of Nihilism and YOU!
Danny Dunn and the Infernal Machine
Thomas Harris’ Hardy Boys Adventures

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Surprise Pop-up Book

Curious George and the Self Destruct Button
Goldilocks and the Three Bears : Forest Gangbang
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Wasn’t Sorry

[Family Guy]

No One Poops But You

You’re a Naughty Child, and That’s Concentrated Evil Coming Out the Back of You


Blue’s Murder Clues

Sesame Street Walker Bedtime Stories (Pop-Up Edition)

Maurice Sendak’s Little Bear: The Rage Within

The Giving Ent

Harry Potter and the Witch of Chlamydia

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Puberty, But Were (Rightfully) Too Ashamed to Ask

Charlotte’s Web II: Fern Gets Trichinosis

Caddie Woodlawn: The Porn Years

Heidi and the Randy Goat

Little Whorehouse on the Prairie

Everyone You Love Will Die: A Popup Book

Fluffy and the Speeding Semi

12 Successful temper tantrum tips for the child who wants everything

Black Beauty (the KKK years)

The Famous Five - Operation Enduring Freedom

Elementary English - George Bush