Are Chertoff & Brown Toast?

In today’s White House press briefing, Scott McClellan repeatedly refused to answer when asked point-blank if the President retained confidence in both men. (Relevant exchange posted below.)

Is the White House taking the first steps to distance itself from DHS and FEMA?

It sounds to me like the White House has decided major shit is about to hit the fan and they’re refusing to make any comments that could later come back to haunt them when they eventually sack C&B. Personally, I think the President should either back his subordinates up, or can them immediately. Letting them twist in the wind like this is ridiculous.

I would say they are toast. They are a political liability now. Even though Bush doesn’t have to face another election, I don’t think that he wants to damage the other members of his cabinet or the Republican Party in general by keeping them on.

Definitely; as part of President Bush’s recently stated demand to have an inquiry into the FEMA clusterfuck, it will be discovered that they, in fact leaked Valerie Plame’s name to the media, and he will have no choice but to fire their asses, as he promised.

If by toast you mean future Medal of Freedom recipients, then yes.

I’ve said this before…

I think Chertoff is too recent to get tossed. But Brown is sufficiently low on the food chain that he can (and most likely will) be tossed over the side with minimal difficulty.

But the most important thing is how the story plays over the next week.

I think they’d like to keep them for a while longer before dumping at least Brown. The administration won’t want it to look like they’re panicking and firing them because of the public outcry.

I thought Brownie was doing a heck of a job?

Well as Bush is the man in power, if either are let go Bush should resign, out of respect for those who perished as well as taking responsibility for this failure of power to protect its people.
Here is a list of people who should offer their resignations if this was avoidable.
A: Bush
B: Nagin
C: Blanco
D: Entire city council of NO
E: Chertoff
F: Brown
G: Add your own.

Its high time our countries leaders accepted responsibility for their actions. And maybe doing so will cause other Americans to follow suit. I seen another thread talking about the “Blame Game” yet all parties do that, no one is willing to commit political suicide by accepting fault.

Will this ever happen, nope, not ever.

Now we will await the commissions and reports they will issue to see where the blame lays, and if it was avoidable, I hope to see a lot of openings in the governments from Louisiana to the White House.
If it was simply bloated government in action, one hand not knowing what the other is doing, I hope to see a streamlined disaster response that I thought I was getting with the DHS.
If it was a failure in the chain of command I hope those links are sliced off.

You people are all just so cyncial. Trust the president. He said that there’d be a proper time for an investigation, so we just have to wait for that time to come to pass. I believe it is currently scheduled for the week after the Cubs’ World Series victory parade.