Are feminists still boycotting Domino's?

A few years ago, NARAL told me that the fellow who owned most of the Domino’s Pizza company was a big anti-abortion supporter. They said he gave lots of cash to the Right To Life group and sent free pizzas to their meetings. Later, I heard the guy sold off his Domino’s holdings. So, are the feminists still holding a grudge against the Doministos? What’s the deal?

You seem to have made the common but rather silly mistake of assuming that “feminists” are some kind of monolithic group. Feminists are not even all in agreement about abortion, much less the appropriate response to people who fund anti-abortion groups.

well, that explains why I’ve never gotten the memo about the pizza joint.:smiley:

You’re referring to Thomas Monaghan, who did sell 90% of the company in order to finance the Ave Maria foundation. (He also still owns the corporate headquarters, including a herd of buffalo visible from US-23.) The foundation sponsors various organizations in SE Michigan, including PACs, charities, hospitals, grade schools, colleges, and the law school currently attended by yours truly.

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Damn them feminazis trying denying true 'murkin
men the God given right to eat pizzas that taste worse than the cardbord they’re packed in!

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You’re assuming that all feminists are pro-choice? How odd.

I’m a feminist, and I boycott Domino’s because the pizza sucks ass.

Isn’t everyone anti-abortion? I’ve yet to hear anyone suggest that abortion is a good thing, choice on the other hand…

I’ve heard pro-abortion arguments more then once, a couple times here on the boards.

What’s so odd about that? Offhand I don’t recall many feminist organizations among the pro-life crowd.


“feminists” does not equal “feminist organizations” , was the first point made in this thread.

Yeah yeah yeah. And I’m sure we can find plenty of examples of women who call themselves feminist and side with the pro-life movement.


which was the point Green Bean made and you apparently objected to. What’s your point here?

Well, like Green Bean, this feminist is still boycotting Domino’s…'cause their pizza is nasty. Seriously, I stopped eating their pizza several years ago because of the company’s ties to anti-abortion groups and I’ve just never bothered to start again.

I know more than a few. And a quick web search brought up , and a number of other sites of women and organizations that called themselves feminist and pro-life. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive by any means

And if you don’t like pizza delivery people knowning where you live, or driving like maniacs, Dominioes will fax you their best tasting pizza in 5 minutes or less.

That feministsforlife has a creepy tagline on this page: “Refuse to Choose”. I understand the context, but even at that it sounds vaguely disturbing.

Just because nobody has linked to it yet,
Snopes has information about this.

I don’t particularly care for dominoes but I have stopped boycotting since the sell. It’s an option now…I just don’t choose it often.