Guys, stop enabling these women.

I swear, I feel like I’m in a subway commercial.
I’m at work. I’m sitting at my computer minding my own damn business. About five feet behind me are four of my coworkers; two guys, two women. (The women are what most would consider your conventional beauties.)

They’re all talking about what to do for lunch. Girl-1 comes up with the idea of: “Hey! we should all order a pizza!” The group behind me agrees this is a good idea. Girl-1 then proceeds to ask me if I would like to go in on a pizza with them. I said yes, but all I have is a check card.

A couple of minutes pass by and girl-2 comes up to me and says: 'So we can just all give you the money and you can pay for the pizza on your check card."

I agree to this. So I get on the computer, order up the pizzas online and come back with a total for the group:

Shakes: The total is $20. Plus I figure about a $5 tip so that makes it $5 a person. Are we all cool with that?

Group: Yeah, great!

45min goes by and the pizza guy arrives. I go to each one of my coworkers to gather up the money.

Shakes: Girl-1 you got your $5?

Girl-1: I don’t have any money.

Shakes: [Face Palm]

Girl-1: Hey Guy-1 can you pay for me?

Guy-1: Uh… Wha…? Yeah, I geuss.

So now I got $10, all from guy-1. Now I go to Girl-2:

Shakes: You got your $5?

Girl-2: No. Can you ask Guy-2 if he’ll pay for me?

Shakes: No, I will not. You ask him.

Girl-2: Hey, Guy-2, can you pay for me?

Guy-2: Alright

Shakes: :rolleyes:

I got my $20 back. So it’s no big deal, but jeez, the entitlement of these women. I wouldn’t be posting this if these women had asked FIRST if they could ‘borrow’ the money. They didn’t, the just assumed that one of these swinging dicks would pay for their meal. And the fact that I asked them if $5 is OK for them to spend is just comical.

“I don’t have any money.” Hahahaaaaa!!!

It’s what real gentlemen are expected to do, pay for a woman’s meal /sarcasm.

Did these free-loaders eventually pay back the moron ? If not they’re going to be inviting this chump out for lunch all the time. I had a co-worker pull something similar, his meal would of came out to 15$. He said all I have is 10$ is that ok ? (with no offer to pay me back). Sorry I don’t have the extra cash either, no chicken for you today I guess.

Yikes. I’d never dream of just asking somebody to pay for me. I’ve certainly borrowed, prefaced with saying I can hit an ATM and pay you back tomorrow or whenever, but just to seem to expect it? Wow. And yeah, I kind of agree, if guys hadn’t already been doing this shit for these girls, they wouldn’t have asked/expected the way they did.

These sound like the kind of chicks who are working just to kill time before they become real housewives.

Close to twice a week using taxis there is a woman who either tells the driver she has no money, or not enough to cover the fare and she expects a free ride. *Assumes cutesy pouty pose.

Or they turn to another male passenger, sometimes me. I have never once gone in for that shit. I have a wife I don’t need to pay your taxi fare in the hopeless chase of pussy.

The other day a woman gave the driver two dollars and some change, he said “ma’am this is two dollars and seventy six cents” I actually clapped and got a dirty look from the chick.:stuck_out_tongue: I was amazed that finally someone was holding these female freeloaders to account.

So where you live cabs stop to pick up other passengers even though they already have someone (you) in the car?

Actually, it’s chumps. [plural] I have no idea if payback was or will be made. My guess is no though. Based on something I’ve observed with Girl-2 and Guy-2.

If Girl-2 is busy and sees Guy-2 is about to go to lunch (or break), she’ll stop him and say: Can you wait about 15min and I’ll go with you? Guy-2 always waits for her to not be busy.

On the flip side of that though, Girl-2 wont wait five freak’n minutes for Guy-2 to not be busy. Sad, yet funny to watch.

Yup, good chance he’s buying her meals when they go out for lunch. Idiots.

Yes in Trinidad most taxis are route or shared taxis, it travels back and forth from point a to point b and the fare is a set amount and the driver of course aims for all seats occupied.

I will NEVER go in on anything with ANYONE again.

Last Christmas My older brother had the great idea that the 6 kids would all chip in for a TV for the folks but he couldn’t put it on his card because he was over-reached…

I’m sure you see where this is going; I bought my parents a TV and my 5 brothers and sisters took equal credit :rolleyes:

I will still go in on purchases with people - but only after the cash is collected. No cash in hand, no purchase. Works well so far.

I don’t see what the problem is. Savvy women get stupid men to do stuff for them. So what?

Ah, poor, stupid, trying to get laid guys. Hey, Guy 1 and 2 - those girls are never giving it up for you. They’re just going to use you and complain to you about the guys they ARE having sex with.

And neither one of you sees a moral quandary in this?

Nope. Men want to sleep with most attractive women. Attractive women can take advantage of that. So what?

By the way sex doesn’t even have to be even vaguely on the table. As someone who has been various weights (and therefore attractiveness levels) during my short life, believe me people treat you totally differently depending upon how obviously shaggable you are. I suppose you could complain about that, but it’s effectively complaining about humans being human.

The only thing I would say in your favour is this: Extreme male-female-equality-ists propose various concepts that can be related to this situation and are as fair or unfair as this. Open your mind to everything.

Or put yet another way, it’s daft in almost all circumstances to employ a pregnant woman. This is the reverse side of the coin. Trust me women have it worse than some pathetic blokes.

Engilsh please

My, you are picky!

Women are perfectly entitled, whether consciously or subconsciously, to take advantage of men that want to sleep with them, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Can I see a problem in something while not say wanting the government or police to swoop in and deal with it? I mean do I want laws banning women from using vagina power to freeload? No, but I’m cool with expressing disapproval.

Somebody could base a commercial or two on this.

I agree with a lot of this.

I had a lady friend that was knock out gorgeous. Her whole life she had guys paying everything for her. Clothes, food, cars and even rent.

After she hit 30, she started to gain a lot of weight. And guess what? Guys weren’t falling over themselves to pay for her shit any more. At 30yo she had no idea how to take care of herself. I don’t think she’s even filled out an application in her life.

Last time I saw her she was living in her car with a serious coke habbit.

So yeah, I’m all about personal responsibility. But there is plenty of blame to go around as far as this stuff is concerned.