Are funny women attractive?

Even though my posts here are usually serious and sincere, most people who know me think I’m really funny. Sometimes without trying. I love to make people laugh. My humor is usually quirky and gentle, not biting and sarcastic. (Think Lorelai Gilmore…except I don’t look like her. :rolleyes: )
I guess my question is this: Is the average guy’s ego such that he wouldn’t want to be with someone funnier than he is? Of course I have a specific guy in mind, who seems to like me a lot, but things just aren’t moving along as quickly as I’d like.
I’m newly single and I just wonder…is my sense of humor going to make things harder for me to meet someone? I just want to know…I have no intention of changing one of the best things about me to get a guy.
I think of all the funny women…Dorothy Parker, Lucille Ball, for example who had a lot of trouble with relationships. I don’t want anymore unhappiness in my life, please.

A sense of humor is a marvelous thing. Don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t appreciate yours.

Are funny diseases attractive?

But to answer your question, yes, funny is very attractive.

Is the guy kind of a serious type? Maybe he’s looking for someone like-minded.

Are you cracking jokes so often that he can’t get a word in edgewise (at least from his perspective)?

If he brings something up that’s not intended to be a joke, do you riff on it and turn it into one? That might be bruising his ego.

Just throwing out some ideas.

I’m pretty funny, and my hubby says it’s one of my most attractive qualities.

Funny AND beautiful is not only attractive but lethal.

Unfortunately, I’ve recently fallen victim to just such a woman. Fucking smart too.

Go on without me mates. I’m done for. Save yourselves.

Funny is sexy as hell.

Better than the alternative too.

I don’t know how anyone would find a sense of humor unattractive. We all like to laugh. I prefer to be around people with a sense of humor. I can’t imagine that men would feel differently.

The exception to this rule is the egomaniac type. If you’re noticing the humor in something else, you’re not noticing him. Those guys prefer the shrinking violet. You don’t want to lose yourself in that guy.

I think those women might have had trouble with relationships because it’s hard to be a famous person in a relationship. Not only do you have the media scrutinizing you but part of the reason actors become actors is because they’re a bit egotistical. It’s hard to be in a relationship with an egomaniac - especially if it’s two of you (Lucy and Ricky).

I’m not a man but I am a woman with a great sense of humor. I am not anywhere near good-looking but I manage to get my fair share of gentleman callers. Any breakup I’ve had has NOT been because I’m too funny.

As all the guys have said so far - funny is sexy :slight_smile:

Is funny sexy? Oh sweet Og, is it ever. It’s almost sexier than sexy is.

About the relationship issue: Most funny/smart gals I’ve known tend to consistently date “down.” They generally pick egomaniacs or users, end it, then repeat.

I’ll chime in to agree, as well. I think women who are funny are fascinating and sexy. My wife’s sense of humor is different from mine, but once in awhile she comes up with a comment that makes me laugh until I cry. I love her even more for it.

It’s a mitigating factor. I don’t think I’d be attracted to Brett Butler or Wanda Sykes if they weren’t funny, but they are and I am. If Rhonda Shear were as funny as she thinks she is, I’d probably want to go to bed with her, but she just strikes me as kind of sad and scabby. Kathy Griffin is funny, but not in a way that makes her sexy.

I know some women who are kind of marginal-looking, but as soon as they tell a joke or sing, they suddenly become the sexiest woman in the room. It’s an amazing quality.

I think lots of women become funny when they think they aren’t pretty. They can’t get attention through their tits, but they get it when they make people laugh. So these types may be more likely to “settle”, thinking they can’t get/don’t deserve better.

I also think a lot of funny people (not just women) are funny to keep people at a distance: they put on a show that keeps others from getting close and having serious discussions and connections. Can you imagine a date with Jerry Seinfeld? He’d be funny as hell, but it seems like trying to get a sense of who he really is - a real connection - might be difficult. Some people can’t “turn it off” and let you in.

The other offenders are the self-depricators (like me) who cut themselves down often in genuinely funny ways, but leave everyone else feeling kind of icky or uncomfortable. It’s the Chris Farley problem: fat people who make fat jokes about themselves, and everyone else feels compelled to say, “No, man…you’re just…big boned…” sort of half-heartedly. Not attractive in the long run, although very entertaining when you don’t know the person. (I’m really trying to stop doing this, by the way. I cringe internally when I do it, even when what I’ve said would be laughed at if I said it about a stranger.)

Finally, there’s the Obnoxious Frat Boy Funny, which just makes me annoyed, and it not attractive at all to me. Usually involves outrageous public displays, which I just find very embarrassing to be around. Think Ashton Kutcher. ::shudder::

Does the OP do any of these? I have no idea. But it’s these kinds of “funny” that do make dating harder, IMHO.

Janeane Garafalo is like that. The sense of humor bumps her up from a 6 to an 8.

If you have a sarcastic kind of wit, the guy might feel threatened because he might be worried that someday you’ll use your wit to make fun of him. However, as long as your humor is upbeat and not mean-spirited, I think most guys would prefer a funny woman over someone serious and boring.

I am not a raving beauty, but I’ve noticed that men do seem to pay me more attention when I make funny comments. I couldn’t see it working out with a guy who didn’t appreciate my style of humor since that’s a big part of who I am.

Hell yes.

Psychology Today article

According to the study - “no, not really.” Again, according to the article, when men say they are looking for a good sense of humor they’re looking for someone who laughs at their jokes - while women mean they want someone who makes them laugh. There’s a difference.

It seems like you have some reason to think that it’s your sense of humor that is making things not move along as quickly as you’d like. Maybe you should share that reason?