Are mods and admins still discussing sex threads?

In the now rather hefty BBQ Pit thread Confused and Chastened by Tubadiva , several of us have posted that we’re assuming the moderators and administrators are still discussing the issue and that a reply and/or official word will be given once a consensus is reached.

Several of us are assuming that, but I hate to just assume. Only Tubadiva has posted to that thread, once, and unfortunately her post only seemed to muddy the issue. We’d–at least, I’d–like to hear from other mods and admins.

Two simple questions: Is the issue still being discussed, and will there be some sort of notification to the Board members when discussion is complete? A yes or no is all that’s needed. :slight_smile:



[sub](er…I’m assuming that’s a yes to both questions, uh, yes?)[/sub]

Our policy on sex and drug threads has been posted in the ATMB “guidelines on posting” FAQ.

Arnold, I read the information (thank you!). I’m still a bit hazy on the subject as there is a wide variance between a medical approach to sex and the Penthouse Forum approach to sex.

What about more casual sex conversations, where the goal is not to arouse/exploit/brag? (I’m thinking of Scylla’s fertility clinic stories, my old thread asking advice on oral sex, etc.) Should we check with a mod before beginning any thread of a sexual nature? (Not that I’m running out to start “Oral Sex Techniques II” or anything…)

Where does the sociological area (as in, why do I feel this way, why does this happen, why is such-and-such popular, etc.) fall?

Squish, Ruffian: As long as the intent is to educate, not titillate, I think the threads you’re discussing should be OK.

Thanks, Arnold. :slight_smile: