Are most of your friends characters on TV shows?

This article

says, “Watching television improves your social life and widens your circle of friends – but only in your imagination.”

It also says, “the brain’s mechanisms for recognizing friends evolved long before television came along so the subconscious counted any face it saw regularly as a real-life friend, even it if was on TV.”

If the study is correct, that would explain why (for TV addicts like me, at least) it feels so bad when a favorite TV show is canceled or a favorite character is dropped from a TV show.

It would also explain why “Friends” is the perfect name for a TV show, and would explain why the lyrics from the “Cheers” theme song are so appealing ("where everybody knows your name’).

that sounds feasible.

the other day my sister and i were walking our dogs and saw the local morning weather guy. my sister turns to me and whispers, “it’s cody, what do we do?”

i told her, “nothing”, but for a split second i did feel like i knew him and should say something, just from watching him every morning. if i saw someone from a sitcom, i don’t think i’d feel the same way. i think it’s just something about a person on tv talking straight into the camera. especially if it’s not an actor. after awhile you must start believing they’re really talking TO you, at some level.

it’s strange how the brain works.