Are my Bookmarks gone?

Err… I don’t know what I might of done.
I was having slowness issues with my bookmarks and I had a one extra tab open but not in use. At first I thought the processes that were slowing things down were the one’s involved with linking to the bookmark I had selected from so I closed the tab involved with that process. I then reopened a new tab and tried again with a different bookmark; still no joy…

So I closed-out the browser altogether and reloaded it, when that happened the browser popped a dialog box up that asked me to create a profile and afterwards it told me that Firefox was not my default browser and asked me whether I wanted it as such. I selected “yes” and then I find that I have to choose yahoo as my homepage again… when I went to my bookmarks, there was nothing… crickets

… I tried an earlier restore point to no avail… what gives? How did I manage to erase all my bookmarks??

Check the C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles folder. How many subfolders are there here? If there’s more than one, it’s possible that your old profile is still there and just inactive.

Find the right profile (go into each folder and double-click on the bookmarks.html file until you find your old bookmarks). Once you find the right folder, quit Firefox and temporarily move all the other folders out of the Profiles directory. Then restart Firefox and see if it uses your old settings.

Hit ctrl-alt-del and go to the processes tab and close all firefox.exe applications. I had it happen to me before and the problem was that Firefox closed, but was still running. So it figured the default profile was in use, and so it wanted to make a new one when you started again.

So after you do that then if you’re lucky Firefox will start with your old profile with your bookmarks. If you’re unlucky, you have to do what Reply] suggested, wich is a tad more work.